31 October 2006

I've Been Tagged

...... by Lillie

The Rules : "List 7 songs that you are listening right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words or even if they are good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post this instructions in your blog along with 7 songs, then tag 7 other people to see what they are listening to"..

Well.. normally I didn't really pay attention on what are the tittles of songs that I listened, thou I admit I enjoyed listening to songs aired over my favourite local radio station, Mix FM. So, since I've been tagged by Lillie, today I make a point to listen to the songs carefully & jot down their tittles and checked who's the singer via Mix FM website.

And these are the 7 songs that I listen today :

1--> What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
2--> I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
3--> Girl - Destiny's Child
4--> Feel - Robbie Williams
5--> Who Says You Can't Go Home - Jon Bon Jovi
6--> Again and Again - Jewels
7--> Smile - Lilly Allen

So.. now, what next ... ??? Who shall I tag yeah..?? Well.., let me think.. ermmm.. ermm.. I think these are the few lucky people who been tagged by me :

- Linda
- Zalita
- Roz
- Faizon
- June
- Barbara
- Ee Koon

Thanks Barbara & June for your concern. Eventho' with this franctured elbow, my son still active as usual. He has appointment to remove the pins from his elbow. I hope everything will goes well.

18 October 2006

My 2nd Motif

Glad that M back now, wuz away for few days as my 4th son wuz hospitalized. He had a fractured elbow after fell down from neighbour's fence. We thot it's not serious but end up he need to undergo a surgery.

This is my 2nd motif for 25 Motif Challenge. The original pattern wuz taken from The Old Crochet Magazine, Summer 1998 Vol 20, designed by Darlene Polachic but I changed the 2nd round. The original pattern very lovely, but I dunno how to proceed for the 2nd round. But I'll try again to work on it some other time.

Currently M working on 'Trefoil Snowflakes' from www.kersti.com. Thanks Barbara & Faizon for helping out to solve my problem before.

Thanks also Sharon & Barbara for your comments on my 1st motif using DMC Cebelia no. 80.

14 October 2006

25 Motif Challenge - A Start

I think I moved a step ahead by joining the 25 Motif Challenge even thou M still green in tatting. For this 25 Motif Challenge, participants are required to tat 25 motifs in 12 months. We, the participants are allowed to tat any patterns from the book, freebies or our own design. As M still new in tatting, I plan to try the freebies tatting patterns available from the net.

For a starter, I completed this design from Needledreams Tat-Along Project Blog using the DMC Cebelia No. 80. Since the thread is very very fine for me the beginner, I have to be extra careful in order I did not make any mistakes.

p/s : Nik, the heart pattern is a freebie from the net. Unfortunately I didn't remember the link. Will try to figure it out for you yea..

11 October 2006

Color of the Month (COTM) - Pink

I supposed to update on this many many moons ago. Now I hardly recall in which month we did our COTM for Needlecrafter yahoo group, hik.. hik..

This is my stitched piece which I've mailed it out Yusmar.

And in return, Nita has sent this to me.

06 October 2006

New Love

It's been a while since my last posting.. Well, I juz found my new love.. something I never met before.. hik hik..

Yeahh.. I fell in love with 'tatting' ever since July.. Since then, shuttle & tatting threads are my friends.. Thanks Faizon, for being my 'sifu'.. The funny thing during my 1st class, my fingers are all stiff.. I unable to hold the threads properly & wuz still I cannot do the 'flip' properly.. After the 1st class, I try myself to do the double stitch & picot, but still I cannot close the 'ring'.. Thanks again to Faizon, for willing to give an extra class the following week.

Thou I think tatting is a bit tough for me, not as easy as crochet, I'll never give up..

28 June 2006


Well.. I shall do my progress report as promised.. All 12 fishes were survived when I reached office at 8 am this morning. By 11 am, one has dead. I think it’s bcoz the water get contaminated with the food leftover. The rest seems fighting for fresh air, so I decided to change the water. Huh.. like this, looks that I have to change the water daily. What about over weekend ?? This makes me worry !! Anyway, Shirley promised to bring her unused water pump tomorrow. Well, actually M kinda of training my fishes to survive without using the water pump. Anyway M have a higher hope on my guppies.

Everybody were being concerned on my new toys.. everybody keep on asking will they last. hemmm.. my answer : WAIT & SEE. I hope I can name them, when there will left a few of them. Currently with 11 fishes swimming around, I might forget what’s their name & it belong to who.. LOL !!! A office colleague suggesting that I rare the Fighting Fish but M not sure whether will they be fighting if I put 2 – 3 Fighting Fish in one jar. Fighting fish.. ho ho.. I remember those days when I still a young girl, I used to catch this Fighting Fish from the ‘drain’ infront my grandma’s house. ho ho those were the days.. now one Fighting Fish will cost U easily RM 2.50 and abv where I got them free during my ‘kampung’ days..

Stitching progress.. yup I take up my Gone Fishing project for abandoned it for almost 3 weeks. M very much sure that I not be able to complete this project by Aug. Mind U, I have another 1 month to work on this BIG (to me.. it’s BIG) project.

By the way, I got myself a 12" hoop for my Gone Fishing project. Well, I like using it but the only one problem I encountered, it’s pretty difficult to refer to the chart while stitching. And my idea run wild in the wee hours.. I fold my A4 xerox copy of the chart into small square, and I clip it to my upper corner of the hook using the cloth peg !! Well, I think it’s a cost saving & cheaper ways of having own chart holder. Of-course if U have a nice, proper chart holder that wud be much better !!! Hope be able to show the pix of my ‘DIY chart holder’ in the next posting.

27 June 2006

Therapy.. Feng Shui or Décor .. ????

Well.., I get myself this lil jar and some glass pebbles for RM 5 each from one the shop at Giant. And find my way to a pet shop where I bought 10 baby carps for RM 1 only & 2 guppies which cost me RM 1 each. Well.. M not too sure how long it will last, as the shop assistant did warned me guppies may survive longer rather than the carps. Furthermore with the high population in the small jar and without the air pump, I wudn’t expect more but hope they will survive.

I put my new toys on my office desk next to the computer. It pretty joy see them swimming happily. It’s something like therapy to me, or shall I say for feng shui wise.. well dunno, don’t really believe in feng shui as my luck wuz never better for past year according to feng shui. Or probably it juz for décor, so that my desk not look dull as usual.

I must admit that I love to rare fish since M still young kids. I remembered Dad always bought me fish for my aquarium, it wont last long as I also put my hand into the aquarium & played with them. I do have fish pond at home where I see my carp growing for 2 years now. I love sit by the pond watching them swimming & listening to the sound of water flowing from the mini pot to the pond.

So.. what do you think of my new toys ? They’re gorgeous rite.. anyway I have plan what to say, if my boss ever ask why I suddenly rare fish in the office. I will tell him that they’re my THERAPY and let him feel guilty about it.. LOL !!!

Well.. shall report on their progress tomorrow if time permit. Juz hope all 12 will be fine the next morning..

03 June 2006

It’s My Birthday… !!!!

M still in my bed when I heard SMS coming in. It was from my younger sister who wish me happy birthday in very early morning. Wow.. I smiled & it has made my day.. Soon after, my house phone rang.. This time it’s my mom, purposely called juz to wish me Happy Birthday.. Thanks Mom for your wish & for bring me over to this wonderful world. And Dad called me half an hour later, with the same purpose.. I guess Dad has never failed to remember my birthday every year.. and I knew, I have a special place in his heart from the beginning.

DH wuz teasing me, saying that this year I wake up in early hours and everybody is wishing me happy wonderful birthday.. Yeahh.. infact it is a very wonderful birthday this year. When DH whisper me his wishes, I did ask him what he get for me. He ask what I want & I answered that I want a brand new car.. LOL !!! Very naughty me hik hik.. He took something from the closet, a small paper bag.. and WOW !!!! Guess what, I get a pair of earings from him. Love you dear, thanks for the gift.

We decided to bring the kids to watch the movie – Over The Hedge, which later followed with lunch. The kids enjoyed the movie so much that they ask us to bring to watch another movie next week. I guess the kids are addicted to the cinema now !! We reached home quite late, almost 5 pm. By then, everybody wuz tired. But the birthday gal still energetic. I bake a chocolate cake, from the ready-made cake mixture of course. As usual, the kids are more than happy with whatever I bake for them. Initially we thought of having a BBQ dinner at our patio, but we ended up having steamboat dinner at your dining hall.

On the stashing part, I ordered a few San Man Originals charts and they have arrived safely. I also treat myself by buying the Joan Elliot Sentiments & Sayings..

Overall, I shall say this is one of the most memorable birthday I had. Thanks to every body for the birthday wishes.. To Mom, Dad & dear Hubby.. I love you the most..

23 May 2006

A Productive Blogging Day....???

Looking at the number of posts I posted today, shall I say today is my most productive blogging day. Wasn’t in the mood of updating my blog before, as M hunting for a 3 column blog template before I post any posting. But today boss is away attending training, I took the opportunity to update my blog thou I still cudn’t find the perfect 3 column blog template. And I’ll keep hunting..

Won’t be around tomorrow as M meeting Cheez & Linda b4 go hunting for old XS mags at Sg Wang. Probably if time permits, might drop by at Yee’s. Might hold my purse and CC tights.. LOL !!!

I won’t be around on Thursday too as I have to go the school to meet & collect my children progress report. Hope the session won’t take longer time, as I planned to do some repainting at home. The last time I painted my living room wuz 1 ½ years ago.. I guess the walls need some facelift now..

Stitching Bee & First Time Linen Encounter

Went to Nik’s house last Sunday for a stitching bee session after our magazine hunting trip to Amcorp. Well, only managed to grab Cross Stitch Gold, Issue 37 from the 9.90 mags shop.

The stitching bee session started at 4 pm and it took us about 2 to 2 ½ hours. During this session, I stitched a birth sampler for Baby Alya which I started a night b4, using linen. This is my first time encounter stitching on linen, but I love the smoothness and the hoop did help me a lot.

Thank Nik, for hosting this stitching bee session & look forward to join for another session. Wish if I stay somewhere nearby my stitching friends, where we can always have our stitching bee together every weekend.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag

I always love patchwork & quilt.. wanted to learn to do them in a proper way. Instead M stuck to cross-stitching for this 2 years b4 I went for my PW & quilt class. As I said to a stitching friend b4, once U R hooked to cross-stitching, there’s no way out.. U won’t find your way back home LOL !!!

I had done my patchwork once, a blanket for my elder son. But Mom took it to hometown, as she likes it so much. Yeahh M happy that Mom like it. Wish I cud make a proper nice patchwork blanket for her one day.

Now after 2 years, M tempted to try on patchwork again. This time round, I decided to do a patchwork drawstring bag for my elder daughter, Chacha. It’s kind a mad decision, where I start hunting for the fabrics from my collection at 6 p.m. Cut them in pieces & patched them back. With a help from online tutorial, I start my drawstring bag project. Took a break at 8 pm to prepare dinner, b4 start it back straight away at 9.30 p.m. I didn’t realized it wuz already 2.30 a.m. when I’ve finished my patchwork drawstring back 100%. Well, I’ve to admit that my workmanship not that good but M juz more than happy when I saw my daughter’s smiles when pass it to her. In return, my other 4 children requesting theirs… !!!

FK.. ?? Bullion Roses ... ??

Hey.. look at what I did, my FKs & bullion roses.. During one of my visit to Linda’s house, I took the opportunity to learn how to stitch the French Knot (FK). Later, she also showed me how to stitch Bullion Knot (BK) as well. So when I get back home, I spent hours, practising my FKs & BKs.. And I has had a trial out to stitch bullion roses after referring to one of the Australian Smocking Embroidery (ASE) magazine that I owned. Thou it did not turn out nicely, at least I’ve some ideas on how to do it. I think practice makes perfect, rite..??

First Ever Big Projects

This is my first ever big project.. or shall I say my focus piece for 2005, the Gone Fishing. Chart wuz taken from 2005 Cross Stitch Collection magazine bought by DH during one of his overseas trip last year. Since he like this chart very much, I decided to stitch for him for his coming birthday in September. I hope I will be able to finish it by Aug the latest, b4 sending it for framing.
This design is rather big for me.. 204 x 240 stitches where I find it really challenging. It requires about 33 colours, and there’s a lot of colour changes within 10 x 10 square boxes. And all area will be fully stitched. Earlier I think to stitch in using linen, but after deep thinking I decided to stitch in on recommended 16ct aida. And I substitute Anchor floss to DMC and I hope it turn well once completed. And happily I like to report M almost in my 30% progress.

22 May 2006

My Garden Fairies

I love this chart very much the very 1st time I saw it featured in 2005 UK Cross Stitcher magazine. The garden fairies are so cute, hiding among the flowers n leaves. I knew I won't be able to stitch it as I consider this chart quite big for me until I saw it in Aw's webshot. I wuz so tempted to stitch it for myself. Finally I've started stitching it on my very own tea-dyed 14ct aida. I only stitched for abt 10% from the chart, juz to please the urge of stitching it. Sadly I've abandoned it for almost 2 months as M concentrating on my focus piece.. Gone Fishing. Shall pick up my Garden Fairies when I get bored with my Gone Fishing.. LOL !! After all I want to see at least one fairy smiling looking at me there..

2005 Valentine Stitch Card Exchange

This year I took part in 2 Valentine Stitch Card Exchange (VSCE). The first one by Malaysian Stitchers Yahoo Group which goes to Kak Ji of Terengganu. And in return I got mine from Kak Jie too.. The chart wuz taken from the 2005 UK Crossstitcher magazines. It wuz stitched on my own hand-dyed 14ct aida. I like this design very much especially the love shape border. Anyway, I didn't really happy the way I did my card. Very unprofessional, may be I shud brush up my card making skills..

For Needlecrafter Yahoo Group VSCE, I stitched this patchwork design which I named 'Patchwork Heart' for Linda. Original design wuz taken from old magazine (I think for than 10 yrs old mag). Actually it came in set of 9, but I stitch one for this occasion. Thinking to do all 9 patchwork hearts one day.. when ?? he he... only God knows..

02 March 2006

2005 Stitching Report Card & 2006 To Do List

I hope it’s not too late to write my 2005 Stitching Report Card thou now is already March. Had wanted to report much earlier but January wuz a very busy month with the kids are back to school after for than 1 ½ month holiday.

I think I didn’t have much achievement in my stitching but I wud say that M improving, by looking at the numbers of completed piece. Here goes my list :
  1. MYS Valentine’s Card for Wendy
  2. MYS Bookmark Exchange for Nik
  3. MYS Card Exchange for Niesa
  4. NC Card Exchange for Neng
  5. MYS Overdyed Colour of the Month (Blue) for Radha
  6. MYS Overdyed Colour of the Month (Red) for Harsha
  7. NC Needleroll Exchange for Harsha
  8. Archie Bear for Stitch for Love Charity
  9. Pink Panther for Stitch for Love Charity
  10. Nik’s Frickle Minded RR
  11. Cheez’s Frickle Minded RR
  12. L*K SAL with Cheez – Snug Like A Bug
  13. L*K SAL with Cheez – Love Bug
  14. L*k SAL with Cheez – Believe
  15. Aida’s Baby RR
  16. Birthday Stitch Cards for :
    - Angie
    - Suriati
    - Lene
    - Ina
    - Lillie
  17. Mini Tuck Pillow for Harsha’s Birthday
  18. Scented Sachet Bag for Niza’s Birthday
  19. NC Single Pattern RR – Lene
  20. NC NC Single Pattern RR – Inazz
  21. NC Single Pattern RR – Hani
  22. NC Single Pattern RR – Ann
  23. NC Single Pattern RR – Niesa
  24. NC Single Pattern RR – Enon
  25. NC Single Pattern RR – Norli

Wow.. !! I had stitched this much, but sadly I haven’t stitched not a single project for myself.. Will do so in 2006.

My 2006 To Do List

I keep on telling myself that this year, I wud not joining any exchanges but to stitch only for myself. But I broke my promise by joining 2 exchanges early this, i.e. Valentine Stitched Card Exchange (VSCE) for both Yahoo Group : Malaysian Stitchers & Needlecrafter. Anyway, I have completed and send out my VSCEs to my secret partner. Shall posted the photos once my another partner received hers.

Meanwhile, this is my ‘To Do List’ for year 2006. Thou it’s not that much, but I know I have to struggle to finish it, especially the ‘Gone Fishing’ chart for my husband’s birthday in September. Hope I have enuf time to complete it before his birthday..

Here's my list :

  1. Gone Fishing chart for DH’s birthday
  2. My FM RR Fan Chart (supposed to finish b4 my birthday last year)
  3. Alya’s Birthday Sampler
  4. L*K Teaching for my son’s class teacher
  5. 2 Mail Arts for my stitching friends which I’ve owed them more than a year !! Gosh !!
  6. SAL Lingerie Chart with Cheez

Well.. my to do list is very minimum compares to the number of charts I’ve collected. I wish I could add my to-do list from time to time. Errmm.. probably to add ‘Joan Elliot Kimono Rows’.. *wink * ha.. ha.. very ambitious !!!

13 February 2006

My Hand Dyed Fabrics - The Photos

Sorry.. dear, I took many many moons before really snap and upload the photos here. So here are the photos of my hand dyed fabrics : using Dylon, Coffee & Tea.

Notice my coffee hand dyed ? The colour are more lighter rather than my tea dyed. Probably I need to add more coffee powder in future. I also took Aniza’s suggestion by using a mixture of coffee (this time I make it sure, I add more coffee powder) and tumeric powder. Well, it’s not bad & I like the result.. !!