02 March 2006

2005 Stitching Report Card & 2006 To Do List

I hope it’s not too late to write my 2005 Stitching Report Card thou now is already March. Had wanted to report much earlier but January wuz a very busy month with the kids are back to school after for than 1 ½ month holiday.

I think I didn’t have much achievement in my stitching but I wud say that M improving, by looking at the numbers of completed piece. Here goes my list :
  1. MYS Valentine’s Card for Wendy
  2. MYS Bookmark Exchange for Nik
  3. MYS Card Exchange for Niesa
  4. NC Card Exchange for Neng
  5. MYS Overdyed Colour of the Month (Blue) for Radha
  6. MYS Overdyed Colour of the Month (Red) for Harsha
  7. NC Needleroll Exchange for Harsha
  8. Archie Bear for Stitch for Love Charity
  9. Pink Panther for Stitch for Love Charity
  10. Nik’s Frickle Minded RR
  11. Cheez’s Frickle Minded RR
  12. L*K SAL with Cheez – Snug Like A Bug
  13. L*K SAL with Cheez – Love Bug
  14. L*k SAL with Cheez – Believe
  15. Aida’s Baby RR
  16. Birthday Stitch Cards for :
    - Angie
    - Suriati
    - Lene
    - Ina
    - Lillie
  17. Mini Tuck Pillow for Harsha’s Birthday
  18. Scented Sachet Bag for Niza’s Birthday
  19. NC Single Pattern RR – Lene
  20. NC NC Single Pattern RR – Inazz
  21. NC Single Pattern RR – Hani
  22. NC Single Pattern RR – Ann
  23. NC Single Pattern RR – Niesa
  24. NC Single Pattern RR – Enon
  25. NC Single Pattern RR – Norli

Wow.. !! I had stitched this much, but sadly I haven’t stitched not a single project for myself.. Will do so in 2006.

My 2006 To Do List

I keep on telling myself that this year, I wud not joining any exchanges but to stitch only for myself. But I broke my promise by joining 2 exchanges early this, i.e. Valentine Stitched Card Exchange (VSCE) for both Yahoo Group : Malaysian Stitchers & Needlecrafter. Anyway, I have completed and send out my VSCEs to my secret partner. Shall posted the photos once my another partner received hers.

Meanwhile, this is my ‘To Do List’ for year 2006. Thou it’s not that much, but I know I have to struggle to finish it, especially the ‘Gone Fishing’ chart for my husband’s birthday in September. Hope I have enuf time to complete it before his birthday..

Here's my list :

  1. Gone Fishing chart for DH’s birthday
  2. My FM RR Fan Chart (supposed to finish b4 my birthday last year)
  3. Alya’s Birthday Sampler
  4. L*K Teaching for my son’s class teacher
  5. 2 Mail Arts for my stitching friends which I’ve owed them more than a year !! Gosh !!
  6. SAL Lingerie Chart with Cheez

Well.. my to do list is very minimum compares to the number of charts I’ve collected. I wish I could add my to-do list from time to time. Errmm.. probably to add ‘Joan Elliot Kimono Rows’.. *wink * ha.. ha.. very ambitious !!!