09 February 2007

Heart to Heart

I showed to Cheez a.k.a. Zalita my finished XS piece for Lillie and ask her any suggestion for the finishing. Instead, she suggest if we cud have an exchange between us.

At first M thinking to stitch the other French Inspired Heart, a complementary pattern from the The Gift of Stitching. Since she prefer something in green/turqoise, she requested if I cud stitch the same pattern as what I stitch for Lillie as it’s features the peacocks. I used the Malaysian made overdyed, Dip & Twist - DTN --- on a brown 28ct linen.

And this is a Quaker Heart stitched by Cheez for me, designed by Janice Wood using white DMC and some overdyeds on 32ct lugana (in mocha). Thanks Cheez !!!! I love it !

25 Motifs Challenge – My 3rd, 4th and 5th Motif

During my long absence I only managed to finish 3 more motifs. Therefore, I have another 20 motifs (wow !! that’s a lot !!) to complete by October 2007. I need some turbo shuttles I guess. Not only that, I also need some express refresher class on tatting.

Since I forgot from where I took the motifs from, I shall post the photos first. Once I get the designers and the web link, I shall update my post here.

My 3rd Motif

My 4th Motif

My 5th Motif

Thanks Sharon for the link to Tatting Pattern Calendar. I will try some of the pattern from there.

06 February 2007

French Redwork Exchange

At the end of 2006, Needles & Crafts organized a French Redwork Exchange (FRE) where those who participate can stitch anything, be it a pin cushion, needlecase book, pin keep or anything but one theme to follow – it must be a French chart to be stitched in RED colour.

Barbara being my partner send this beautiful needlecase to my office address. It is such a beautiful rose, of course all stitched in red. Such a lovely piece indeed.

[ Front ]

[ Inside ]

[ Back ]

For this FRE, I stitched this French Inspired Heart, a complimentary pattern from the online XS magazine – The Gift of Stitching. As M not gud in my finishing, so I did a pinkeep for Lillie, which does not involve any sewing. This is my 1st time doing a pinkeep, so M juz hoping Lillie like my 1st ever pinkeep though it’s not perfect.

[ Front ]

[ Back ]

05 February 2007

Bitten by Tatting Bugs Again..

I’ve been on tatting slumps (errkk.. is there such words ?? hik hik) since last Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration. And far as I can remember, I tried my tatting skill again some time in December 2006, but sad to say that I’ve lost not only my tatting skills – I also dunno how to reach tatting pattern.. OMG !!!

Last nite, while trying to find some flosses for my cross stitch post card card I found back my tatting bag. A glance at the shuttles like calling me to try them again.. And whoilaaa.. I get back my tatting skills and able to read some simple tatting pattern. So last nite instead of stitching, I spent about 2 hours trying to do Cherub Doily, a freebie from Tat’s All. Of-course I can’t finish the whole doily as I did some mistakes here and there even my lunch tatting also didn’t really help. Look forward to play again with my shuttles tonite. Opppss… Desperate Housewives Seasons 3 starts tonight at 10.30 pm and I don’t want to miss this 1st episode… !!!

Thanks BJ & Sharon for dropping by. I hope I cud update my blog more frequently. U are correct Sharon, we're challenging ourselves when we signup for 25 Motifs Challenge. So M challenge myself that I cud be able to finish all 25 motifs on time.

04 February 2007

Welcoming 2007, Bye Bye 2006

It’s already February, going for the 2nd week but I have yet to welcome 2007 and say good bye to 2006. I wud say that it’s been a slow progress in my stitching in year 2006 thou I have started at least 2 big projects, Gone Fishing & Garden Fairies in 2006. Sadly none of them has completed. So with the coming of 2007, I hope I will able to complete at least one of my big projects. And I also have a big hope too that 2007 will be my great sititching year !!!

I have not updated my blog for couples of months, thou I did completed 2 stitching exchanges from Needles & Crafts (French Red Exchange) & Needlecrafters (Scissors FOB).

I have really slow down on my tatting, I guess I need to take some refresher classes from Teacher Faizon one of these days. On the 25 Motifs Challenge, still it’s a slow progress.. I managed to complete 5 out of 25 motifs that I supposed to do. Weyyy… I got 20 motifs to complete by October 2007. Errmm.. I need to dig out back my tatting notes b4 Sharon goes after me.. Sorry Sharon !!