31 March 2009

My Computer is Sick !

Arghhh.... how do feel when one day, you turned on your pc & you see a blank screen ? Frustated right ?? Especially when you know you have lotsa things stored in there. And you have planned a day b4 to migrate your files on that unlucky day. Yeahh.. that's what happened to me last week. I'm so frustated, tensed and a lot more for the entire week. Lucky I'm still able to retrieve my emails & do some bloghopping using my hp, although a bit restricted.

This week, my pc a bit ok though not fully recovered. And it getting slower than b4. Forgot to ask DH whether he did some backup b4 he reformat my pc. I hope he did. Otherwise, I have no photos of my late Princess Mocha anymore. Lesson learnt : DO NOT STORED YOUR FILES IN YOUR C:// DRIVE.

But what worst now, I've lost my 1GB old thumbdrive where I have stored most of my files especially my cross stitch charts. Like pepatah Melayu said : Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.. Ouchhh !!!

Thanks to Via, Niena, Kak Zawiah & Tini for dropping by my blog & leaving your comments on my previous post.

lotsa love from me,

17 March 2009

Signed My Postings...

I've been working on my 'Blog Makeup' for quite some time. I think it already been months or almost a year *sigh*. Have to admit I'm a bit slow in this, thou I've done my own 'blog make over' when I start blogging in 2005. Lucky nowadays, there's so many tutorials given on the net. But somehow I still need a quiet time & full concentration when reading these tutorials.

And from now on, all my posting will be signed *hurray*.

lotsa love from

15 March 2009

Maya Giveaways...

One of the blogs that I visited daily nowadays is Maya's. She kept her blog updated almost everyday with postings about her working on fabby especially. I think she can't sit still (sorry Maya), coz almost every day there will be a new needlework or craft that she created. I always envy her, despite being a working wife & mom, she can produce lotsa of crafty work. How I wish I could be that crafty too.. Heyyy, I'm a fulltime homemaker now, yet I've done nothing except blog hopping every day !*sigh*

For her 491th posting, she's announcing her giveaways - 5 giveaways to grab. These all 5, are sooo sweet to resist, that I hope I could be the owner of any one of these. I hope Melly & Elman will pick my name when they draw the winners. Remember yaa, Melly & Elman pick Auntie Azie's name, hik hik..

The rules pretty simple :

First, you juz need to post comment to her blog. Every comment will be counted as 1 entry, the more comments you write, the more entries you entitled. And don't forget to leave you email as well.Secondly, write about Maya's blog in you blog, and that will bring you for another entry. But don't forget to let Maya otherwise she might not know you are writing about her blog in yours.

lotsa love from