13 February 2006

My Hand Dyed Fabrics - The Photos

Sorry.. dear, I took many many moons before really snap and upload the photos here. So here are the photos of my hand dyed fabrics : using Dylon, Coffee & Tea.

Notice my coffee hand dyed ? The colour are more lighter rather than my tea dyed. Probably I need to add more coffee powder in future. I also took Aniza’s suggestion by using a mixture of coffee (this time I make it sure, I add more coffee powder) and tumeric powder. Well, it’s not bad & I like the result.. !!


  1. I think the turmeric and cofeee is very nice looking!!!

  2. Thanks Sha,
    I personally like the turmeric & coffee too.. and the havannah brown which has turn to pink..

  3. I like your fabrics very much. I was wondering if aida could be dyed this way.

    I know some people dye fabrics with koolaid. I want to try this now that I've seen what coffee and tea can do. Thank you for sharing that.

    I just found your blog today and I like it alot.