03 June 2006

It’s My Birthday… !!!!

M still in my bed when I heard SMS coming in. It was from my younger sister who wish me happy birthday in very early morning. Wow.. I smiled & it has made my day.. Soon after, my house phone rang.. This time it’s my mom, purposely called juz to wish me Happy Birthday.. Thanks Mom for your wish & for bring me over to this wonderful world. And Dad called me half an hour later, with the same purpose.. I guess Dad has never failed to remember my birthday every year.. and I knew, I have a special place in his heart from the beginning.

DH wuz teasing me, saying that this year I wake up in early hours and everybody is wishing me happy wonderful birthday.. Yeahh.. infact it is a very wonderful birthday this year. When DH whisper me his wishes, I did ask him what he get for me. He ask what I want & I answered that I want a brand new car.. LOL !!! Very naughty me hik hik.. He took something from the closet, a small paper bag.. and WOW !!!! Guess what, I get a pair of earings from him. Love you dear, thanks for the gift.

We decided to bring the kids to watch the movie – Over The Hedge, which later followed with lunch. The kids enjoyed the movie so much that they ask us to bring to watch another movie next week. I guess the kids are addicted to the cinema now !! We reached home quite late, almost 5 pm. By then, everybody wuz tired. But the birthday gal still energetic. I bake a chocolate cake, from the ready-made cake mixture of course. As usual, the kids are more than happy with whatever I bake for them. Initially we thought of having a BBQ dinner at our patio, but we ended up having steamboat dinner at your dining hall.

On the stashing part, I ordered a few San Man Originals charts and they have arrived safely. I also treat myself by buying the Joan Elliot Sentiments & Sayings..

Overall, I shall say this is one of the most memorable birthday I had. Thanks to every body for the birthday wishes.. To Mom, Dad & dear Hubby.. I love you the most..

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