18 October 2006

My 2nd Motif

Glad that M back now, wuz away for few days as my 4th son wuz hospitalized. He had a fractured elbow after fell down from neighbour's fence. We thot it's not serious but end up he need to undergo a surgery.

This is my 2nd motif for 25 Motif Challenge. The original pattern wuz taken from The Old Crochet Magazine, Summer 1998 Vol 20, designed by Darlene Polachic but I changed the 2nd round. The original pattern very lovely, but I dunno how to proceed for the 2nd round. But I'll try again to work on it some other time.

Currently M working on 'Trefoil Snowflakes' from www.kersti.com. Thanks Barbara & Faizon for helping out to solve my problem before.

Thanks also Sharon & Barbara for your comments on my 1st motif using DMC Cebelia no. 80.


  1. Hope your son is recovering well. Take care and safe journey balik kampung. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

  2. You are getting better with your tatting Azie, well done.

  3. Lawanya...loved the color, very sweet. Selamat Adil Fitri Azie, Slow and ez on the road and enjoy yourself kat kampung !!

  4. So sorry about your son.Hoped everything is well for him now.