29 May 2009

It's Pay Day....

Time really flies so fast. Seems it already a month I been working in this company. A friend wuz kind enough to recommend me to be a PA to her hubby. For note, I been looking for job for nearly a year after resigned from the previous company. So her offer is something I can't resist. Especially when I have a long 'wish list' - among all a good sewing machine either Janome or Bernina and my personal lappie (Aida - you're so lucky, you now owned your personal lappie. Again M jealous here tau !!!).

So, today is the pay day. I'm smilling happily when I saw the figure creditted to my account. Immediately I have a long long list of things to buy. (Hello Azie... you have another 30 days to live with that figure yea.. don't overspend yea).

I think I should give myself a treat with my 1st salary here. After all my birthday is around the corner (nak juga mention here, ek !). I plan to visit LNS one of these days to buy some stash & fabby.. Probably Craft World @ SS2 or Sakura @ SS18. May be I could get some materials for my 'secret project' there or buy quilting kit so that I can start learning quilting. Anyone want to join me ...??

Note :
Lady Luck wuz not with me, I didn't win Craft Chomel giveaways... I hope, Faridah wud pick my name to win her Birthday Giveaway.

lotsa love from me,

25 May 2009

My Sewing Room Birthday Giveaway

Found another blog offering their Giveaway. This time round, it from Faridah of My Sewing Room. She's one of the Malaysian Quilters who quite active working on her quilting hobby. In conjuction to her birthday on 22 May, she's offering 4 cross stitch charts for most luckiest persons.

To Faridah, the Geminian girl (I'm Geminian too...), Happy Belated Birthday. (Being Gemian, do I get higher chances to win one of your Giveaway tak?). I been following your blog all this while, thou sometime I didnt post any comment. Anyway, if I got the chance to win, my fav would be this one.

To play, you need to :

  1. Create an entry in your blog about her Giveaway
  2. Leave a comment in her blog about her & her blog
  3. Follow her, otherwise she can't trace you, ahaks...
  4. Link her blog to yours
  5. Leave as much comments as you can, in her blog

Lastly, wait if your name being picked up as one of the winners. Remember, closing date is on 30 May 2009. So keep on checking her blog the first thing on 31 May 2009

lotsa love from me,

24 May 2009

ChomelCraft Giveaway

I stumbled upon ChomelCraft blog this morning while browsing the net. ChomelCraft header really catch my eyes – cantik & sweet laa. I like !

ChomelCraft owned by Jijah, a pre-school teacher who reside in Shah Alam. Making hair clips is one of her passion other than photography, cooking, baking, sewing & crafting. Currently ChomelCraft is offering her unreleased cute 4 pcs flower crochet hairclips to the lucky person. Other than these flower crochet hairclips, your daughter will win the chance to be the next Malaysian Top Craft Model.. *wink*

To be the lucky person, you need to do the followings :

  1. Leave your comments in her blog as many as you can. 3 most commentors will get 2 entries to be in the final list, which will be picked by random.org

  2. Write about this Giveaway in your blog, make sure you include this photo too and give your opinion about ChomelCraft or the owner.

  3. Link ChomelCraft in your blog and don’t forget to inform her that you’ve done so.

  4. You may also tag your friends informing them about ChomelCraft Giveaway

So, hurry up… do your part. You only have 2 days more, as this Giveaway will be expired on 28 May 2009 once the clock ticked at 12 am.

lotsa love from me,

20 May 2009

M Back .... !!!!

Pheww... Its been more than a month since my last posting after my puter acting up. And now, M back ! Back to blogging world & back to working life as well.

During my absent, nothing much I done except I take up 'Sulam Manik' lesson. So far, I yet to finish my 1st sulam manik project. I did Manik Pyramid to my old baju kurung and only 50% completed. Now with M back to working life, I dunno when shall I finish this project. Just for note, my neighbour who went for the same sulam manik class has made more than 5 projects for herself & her network. Perghh.. and I didn't complete not even 1 project. Gosh !!

lotsa love from me,