02 August 2007

A Tribute to Smoothy

I wuz at Mid Valley yesterday, attending a reunion with my former classmates when my son called me. He said he saw our cat, Smoothy wuz run over by school van in front their school. At first, I thought he might be mistaken Smoothy with other cat. Until I reached home in the evening, my daughther has confirmed about Smoothy sudden demise. For a second, I wuz speechless and refused to say anything about Smoothy. But the true facts, I feel really sad that her life ended in such a tragic accident.

Before I went to sleep last nite, I saw my other cat - Nemo wuz sitting quietly at the sofa. I brought him to my sons' room where he has his fav spot. Later when I went to check on my daughters, I felt that he bite my toe. I cuddle him and saw his sad face. I looked into his eyes, and I saw his sorrows. I think he know about Smoothy's death. They were closed before I left Smoothy at my children's school. I tried to console Nemo, but at the end M the one who shed tears for the thought that if Smoothy still with us, she's still breathing.

To Smoothy, I regret for what I've done to you. I feel sorry and really sad you have to endure such pain - being run over by a van. I know, by now you will be well taken care up there. Smoothy.. life isn't smooth like your name.. but now you've gone smoothly..

Smoothy, I LOVE YOU and gonna MISS you...

p/s : This is my 1st time crying for the death of my cat. I didn't feel this sad, when my beloved cat - Tutu gone missing last year.