31 December 2007

Lazy Stitcher Who Miss Her Stitching...

Whoaaa... It been a while since my last posting. I guess I’m not only a lazy stitcher, but a lazy blogger as well * sigh *

Yess !! I do miss my stitching, I miss it a lot !!! As far as I could remember, the very last time I do my stitching is a month after Hari Raya. I stitched for my Needlecrafter’s Yahoo Group RR – working on Niesa’s RR. A cute raspberry teapot, chart from Stitchworld.

Today is the last day of 2007. I don’t have much progress in my stitching this year, only a couple of exchange & RR from local stitching group that I joined. I wish I cud stitch more in 2008. At least to complete my UFOs and my BIPs project. Well, most of my stitching projects other than exchanges & RRs are big projects * sigh *

I didn’t continue my tatting this year, thou I bought some tatting stash. As usual M the collector, hik hik..

For year 2008, among my many resolutions (not really resolutions as every year it still the same – no change) I hope I cud spend some time on my stitching, tatting & gardening as well in 2008. But I foresee, I have limited time as I am maidless recently. My maid who supposed to come back after the Christmas after a month break, did not come back. After some discussions with dear hubby, we decided not to take a maid anymore. But we have to give 2 months as trial period. If we cud manage without a maid, then we’ll do without one. Otherwise if worst comes to worst, we got no choice but to employ a maid.

So do wish me gud luck for year 2008 !!