11 October 2006

Color of the Month (COTM) - Pink

I supposed to update on this many many moons ago. Now I hardly recall in which month we did our COTM for Needlecrafter yahoo group, hik.. hik..

This is my stitched piece which I've mailed it out Yusmar.

And in return, Nita has sent this to me.


  1. Either of these would be lovely on a dress yoke.
    Really nice!

  2. Thanks, Janet.. I've been on my stitching slumps for quite some time ever since M addicted to tatting. Hope to catch my back my stitching later..

    BTW, I have tried out your 'light & dainty'.. will post the photo later..

  3. cantiknya the heart! Is that a freebie? Where can I get it? *grin*