23 May 2006

A Productive Blogging Day....???

Looking at the number of posts I posted today, shall I say today is my most productive blogging day. Wasn’t in the mood of updating my blog before, as M hunting for a 3 column blog template before I post any posting. But today boss is away attending training, I took the opportunity to update my blog thou I still cudn’t find the perfect 3 column blog template. And I’ll keep hunting..

Won’t be around tomorrow as M meeting Cheez & Linda b4 go hunting for old XS mags at Sg Wang. Probably if time permits, might drop by at Yee’s. Might hold my purse and CC tights.. LOL !!!

I won’t be around on Thursday too as I have to go the school to meet & collect my children progress report. Hope the session won’t take longer time, as I planned to do some repainting at home. The last time I painted my living room wuz 1 ½ years ago.. I guess the walls need some facelift now..

1 comment:

  1. Hi there.. I'm so sorry but I've already closed the free custom design. Anyway, don't worry, I'll tell you when somebody "drops out" in the list.

    Have a nice day! Btw, thanks for dropping by.