18 November 2005

Hand Dyed

Last nite, for the first time I have successfully do my own hand dyed on aida 14 ct. Initially I was in the kitchen, dyeing my son's white shirt to light brown. He need a pair of light brown shirt and pants for his concert next Saturday where he will be acting as Lion King. As I couldnt find the right pair, I decided to dye his white shirt & pant using Dylon.

After satisfied with my hand dyed project, suddenly my mind run wild. I remember reading my stitching friends in Malaysian Stitchers group discussing their experience doing their own hand dyed. Tarraa.. I start looking for my 14 ct aida and soaked them in pot. As M using a little bit of 'Havanah Brown', my white aida has turned to pinkish brown tone. He he.. M satisfied anyway and love the colour !

I also remember my stitching friends has also dyed their fabby using coffee and tea. And I decided to tried them too and wallaa.. now I have a pair of rustic fabby!!! Probably because I used a little of coffee, the fabby did not turn well but the colour still charming. My daughter then giving me a wild suggestion, why don't I try do my next hand dye using Milo. Well.. see whether I dare enough to do that.. hem hemm.. I smell of cocoa now !

14 November 2005

My Weeked ....

I had a good start over my stitching weekend as early as Friday night. I start straight after my dinner and slept by 1.00 a.m. working on my new project from CrossStitchers Stitch a Year of Cuddles 2006 Calendar. I simply like Margaret Sherry’s cat featured in the calendar and decided to stitch it on 18 ct aida to ‘ someone ‘ for her birthday, ermm.. it’s more like a belated birthday gift… Haven’t decided yet on the finishings, cud it be a card, potpouri sachet or what it may end later. I have to admit my weakness – always fail to do the finishing part. Sometimes I have something on mind, but by end of day nothing much is done.. errrkkk !!!

DH wasn’t around over the weekend so I happily had a wonderful weekend to my own.. hik hii.. He has to accompany his business counterpart who just arrived from LA and will be busy accompanying him during his one week’s stay here. Bob has taken a good care of DH during his last visit to LA couple of months back. Thanks Bob who later has bought and sent me a book on cross stitch after he know my interest on this lovely needlework. That’s a very sweet of you ! We intend to invite Bob over dinner one of this day as we are still celebrating our Hari Raya Aidil Fitri here.

The kids are now having their school holidays, so they won’t disturb me much as they spent most of their time watching the tv & playing their playstation. I decided to let them enjoy their happy time on tv & playstation without interruption for this first 2 weeks of their school holidays. After this, everything is back to normal. They still need to study eventhough their holidays will be for another 7 weeks.

I continue my stitching for couple of hours on Saturday morning but was interrupted by the computer... Despite of stitching, I think I spent most of my time browsing and browsing the net, and downloading as well. I didn’t realized that my anti-virus program was not working but I noticed my computer is getting slower nowadays. And all this while I blamed the internet provider for this !! But the fact is, there are some virus & trojan dancing happily in my puter.

So after had a 2 full days of browsing and browsing, M back to my stitching world again last nite and spent hours on MS cat. It already 1.30 a.m. when I sadly decided I have to take a break, just bcoz I have to go to the office the next day.

Now, M at work and missing my MS’s cat !!! The worst thing.., I forgot to bring my stitching folder to work today… so there wud be no lunch stitching today.. errkkk !!!!