25 May 2010

Bling Bling This Raya

Need a bling bling baju kurung or kebaya for your office attire ? Or while attending a wedding reception or any function? Or a bling bling baju kurung or kebaya to put on during the coming Hari Raya this September ?

Well.., we will turn your dull baju kurung or kebaya to something more outstanding with designs of your choice. We also give free consultation on which designs to suit to your baju kurung/baju kebaya.

Interested..?? Why not give us a ring or send your sms to our mobile : 019-319-3306 or your may email us your orders or queries to our mailbox : myltcraft@yahoo.com. We would be glad to assist you soonest possible.

Why wait..?? Grab your phone now or write to us as we only accept orders until July 2010 or until we reach our maximum quota - for Hari Raya orders. Let's bling bling this raya ..!!!

lotsa love from me,