31 October 2006

I've Been Tagged

...... by Lillie

The Rules : "List 7 songs that you are listening right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words or even if they are good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post this instructions in your blog along with 7 songs, then tag 7 other people to see what they are listening to"..

Well.. normally I didn't really pay attention on what are the tittles of songs that I listened, thou I admit I enjoyed listening to songs aired over my favourite local radio station, Mix FM. So, since I've been tagged by Lillie, today I make a point to listen to the songs carefully & jot down their tittles and checked who's the singer via Mix FM website.

And these are the 7 songs that I listen today :

1--> What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
2--> I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
3--> Girl - Destiny's Child
4--> Feel - Robbie Williams
5--> Who Says You Can't Go Home - Jon Bon Jovi
6--> Again and Again - Jewels
7--> Smile - Lilly Allen

So.. now, what next ... ??? Who shall I tag yeah..?? Well.., let me think.. ermmm.. ermm.. I think these are the few lucky people who been tagged by me :

- Linda
- Zalita
- Roz
- Faizon
- June
- Barbara
- Ee Koon

Thanks Barbara & June for your concern. Eventho' with this franctured elbow, my son still active as usual. He has appointment to remove the pins from his elbow. I hope everything will goes well.

18 October 2006

My 2nd Motif

Glad that M back now, wuz away for few days as my 4th son wuz hospitalized. He had a fractured elbow after fell down from neighbour's fence. We thot it's not serious but end up he need to undergo a surgery.

This is my 2nd motif for 25 Motif Challenge. The original pattern wuz taken from The Old Crochet Magazine, Summer 1998 Vol 20, designed by Darlene Polachic but I changed the 2nd round. The original pattern very lovely, but I dunno how to proceed for the 2nd round. But I'll try again to work on it some other time.

Currently M working on 'Trefoil Snowflakes' from www.kersti.com. Thanks Barbara & Faizon for helping out to solve my problem before.

Thanks also Sharon & Barbara for your comments on my 1st motif using DMC Cebelia no. 80.

14 October 2006

25 Motif Challenge - A Start

I think I moved a step ahead by joining the 25 Motif Challenge even thou M still green in tatting. For this 25 Motif Challenge, participants are required to tat 25 motifs in 12 months. We, the participants are allowed to tat any patterns from the book, freebies or our own design. As M still new in tatting, I plan to try the freebies tatting patterns available from the net.

For a starter, I completed this design from Needledreams Tat-Along Project Blog using the DMC Cebelia No. 80. Since the thread is very very fine for me the beginner, I have to be extra careful in order I did not make any mistakes.

p/s : Nik, the heart pattern is a freebie from the net. Unfortunately I didn't remember the link. Will try to figure it out for you yea..

11 October 2006

Color of the Month (COTM) - Pink

I supposed to update on this many many moons ago. Now I hardly recall in which month we did our COTM for Needlecrafter yahoo group, hik.. hik..

This is my stitched piece which I've mailed it out Yusmar.

And in return, Nita has sent this to me.

06 October 2006

New Love

It's been a while since my last posting.. Well, I juz found my new love.. something I never met before.. hik hik..

Yeahh.. I fell in love with 'tatting' ever since July.. Since then, shuttle & tatting threads are my friends.. Thanks Faizon, for being my 'sifu'.. The funny thing during my 1st class, my fingers are all stiff.. I unable to hold the threads properly & wuz still I cannot do the 'flip' properly.. After the 1st class, I try myself to do the double stitch & picot, but still I cannot close the 'ring'.. Thanks again to Faizon, for willing to give an extra class the following week.

Thou I think tatting is a bit tough for me, not as easy as crochet, I'll never give up..