28 June 2006


Well.. I shall do my progress report as promised.. All 12 fishes were survived when I reached office at 8 am this morning. By 11 am, one has dead. I think it’s bcoz the water get contaminated with the food leftover. The rest seems fighting for fresh air, so I decided to change the water. Huh.. like this, looks that I have to change the water daily. What about over weekend ?? This makes me worry !! Anyway, Shirley promised to bring her unused water pump tomorrow. Well, actually M kinda of training my fishes to survive without using the water pump. Anyway M have a higher hope on my guppies.

Everybody were being concerned on my new toys.. everybody keep on asking will they last. hemmm.. my answer : WAIT & SEE. I hope I can name them, when there will left a few of them. Currently with 11 fishes swimming around, I might forget what’s their name & it belong to who.. LOL !!! A office colleague suggesting that I rare the Fighting Fish but M not sure whether will they be fighting if I put 2 – 3 Fighting Fish in one jar. Fighting fish.. ho ho.. I remember those days when I still a young girl, I used to catch this Fighting Fish from the ‘drain’ infront my grandma’s house. ho ho those were the days.. now one Fighting Fish will cost U easily RM 2.50 and abv where I got them free during my ‘kampung’ days..

Stitching progress.. yup I take up my Gone Fishing project for abandoned it for almost 3 weeks. M very much sure that I not be able to complete this project by Aug. Mind U, I have another 1 month to work on this BIG (to me.. it’s BIG) project.

By the way, I got myself a 12" hoop for my Gone Fishing project. Well, I like using it but the only one problem I encountered, it’s pretty difficult to refer to the chart while stitching. And my idea run wild in the wee hours.. I fold my A4 xerox copy of the chart into small square, and I clip it to my upper corner of the hook using the cloth peg !! Well, I think it’s a cost saving & cheaper ways of having own chart holder. Of-course if U have a nice, proper chart holder that wud be much better !!! Hope be able to show the pix of my ‘DIY chart holder’ in the next posting.

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