27 December 2014

I Heart You

Assalammualaikum... Hi peeps.. I'm not too sure if my blog still have followers after my long hide away. Blame it to Facebook, aha ;)  But I'm back now, InshaAllah will keep update my blog.

Since last week I have many things to write about, so for this post I'll write about current flood situation in Malaysia.

At this moment few states has affected by flood namely Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak and Johor.  Some parts of Klang in Selangor also affected by flash flood. For Kelantan and Terengganu the current flood situation are the 2nd wave, as they had the 1st wave 2 weeks b4. On overall this the worst ever flood situation in 30 years.

This morning as I was travelling back from North, I took the opportunity spending my 4 hours journey by reading the newspaper. My heart sunk, and my eyes get teary as i read the articles. The water has risen to few metres, just imagine the water has reached the 3rd floor of Sek Manek Urai in Kuala Krai Kelantan. In one of the photos, showed the water level has reached the top of petrol station roof.

They're many videos shared, showing how bad the situation is. The flood has claimed many life, as to date no confirmed numbers.

Among the flood victims were my uncles and aunties, my late father's siblings and my cousins. My Pok Cu, Pok Nik, Mok Su has been moved to temporary flood centre near our Kampung Endong in Pasir Mas.  I cant imagine these 70s years old uncles and aunties has to walked in flood water as high as their waists to reach the boat that helping the flood victims to move to safe place.

My cousin this morning shared a photo of my late grandmother's house.  I hope the flood will receed soon, and many help may reached them soon.

I heart you...

NOTE:  OME !!!!!  What a tunggang langgang English I wrote in this entry.