28 January 2009

Let's Scrapping @ CropMom.Com

Another online scrapping project.
Model : Princess Mocha - Lil' Momma in Making..
(Psstt.. psstt.. I guess she's carrying babies now)

To Alin, you can try online scraping at www.cropmom.com. You have to register first (free) and upload your own photos before start your online projects. Enjoy...

Thanks for Kathryn for dropping by. CropMom is a nice place to hanging around..

To Pah, apa kabar orang kampung....

15 January 2009


Holaaa... this is my 1st time ever doing scrapbooking. Never tried at all b4. And the model is Fina, my 7 years old youngest daughter. Actually this is not the actual scrapbooking, it's online scrapbooking. I saw Maya has created one, and she is so generous by giving the link as well.

Well, I rate my 1st scrapbooking project as so-so. Everthing is there, you just need add your favourite photos, and re-arranged to your liking but yet, mine ... urgghhh. See, it shows how uncreative I am !! It's ok, first-timer maa...

Anyway, I'm sure Fina will be smiling ear to ear once she saw my scrapbook. And I bet the other 4 kids will keep asking me to create one for each of them.. Ho ho.. mommy got more toys to play now !!

14 January 2009

Let's Play With Marble...

I played around with some butter, sugar & flour and eggs of course yesterday afternoon. Had wanted to bake the cake in the morning so that my kids can bring for their afternoon school. But as usual, I always delaying my work until I start at 4 pm.

I remember Chetam gave me this recipe 6 years ago, when I first bought my oven and I have tried few times before. The ingredients are quite basic and the instructions are pretty easy. And the cake baked well except the brown part looks a bit pale due to shortage of cocoa powder. I guess I have to make my way to the shop to get more cocoa powder after this.

I was smiling the moment the kids entered the house after their afternoon school and make comments that they smelled something that make them hungry. And this is how it look 15 minutes later - only a piece left for me & hubby to share a bite. Nope they didn't finished the whole tray, half a tray actually as the other half goes to my neighbours.

And this was our dinner last nite : long beans, sambal udang, oyster burger & chicken soup. Later when DH came back, he brought same crabs and asked me to fry some. Quite heavy dinner it was, with 5 dishes served on the table. I think I'm in the mood of cooking & baking yesterday. Surprisingly, we didn't managed to finish them all probably the kids are quite full after taking the marble cake. Sorry kids, you gonna eat these for your lunch today as mommy a bit lazy to cook.

Thanks Jurra & CT for dropping by... CT, I know U stay somewhere SB kan..

02 January 2009

Fresh From Oven

Yeah... this brownie really fresh came from the oven !!
I juz baked it half an hour ago with the assistance of Nafiz, my youngest boy. He volunteer to help out and even wait until it bake.

I got the recipe from Zalita aka Cheez, who eventually got it from Aniza. Zalita has tried this recipe few times and keep on encouraging me to try it out. And I have to agree with her that the recipe pretty easy and the brownie is sooo yummy.. And of course Nafiz love it !

The recipe suggesting to add some creame cheese on top of brownie, but I opt for almond flakes as suggested by Zalita. The reason for doing so : I didn't buy the creame cheese yet

On the other hand, today I found out the bakery shop nearby my house is selling the creame cheese. In that case, I do not need to travel all the way to Shah Alam juz to get myself a creame cheese. For info, it takes me half an hour or almost 30 km to reach Shah Alam from my house !!