23 May 2006

Stitching Bee & First Time Linen Encounter

Went to Nik’s house last Sunday for a stitching bee session after our magazine hunting trip to Amcorp. Well, only managed to grab Cross Stitch Gold, Issue 37 from the 9.90 mags shop.

The stitching bee session started at 4 pm and it took us about 2 to 2 ½ hours. During this session, I stitched a birth sampler for Baby Alya which I started a night b4, using linen. This is my first time encounter stitching on linen, but I love the smoothness and the hoop did help me a lot.

Thank Nik, for hosting this stitching bee session & look forward to join for another session. Wish if I stay somewhere nearby my stitching friends, where we can always have our stitching bee together every weekend.

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