26 October 2005

I Did It Again !

I am so happy to announce that I have successfully completed my square on Enon's SPRR in 24 hrs' time. This is my highest achievement so far as I normally take longer hours to finish a small chart. This pattern was stitched using Candied Apples from Six Sweet Strands. The schedule mail out supposed to be on the 2/12 but I have mail it out to my partner, Inazz on 25/10...

Craze Over Checkered Charts

All the sudden, I feel like stitching checkered charts. I found this chart from Quick & Easy cross stitch mag, which I named it 'Blue Green Checkered'. The initial chart only consist of few squares, but I added more squares so that it will fit the blank card for a friend’s birthday.

This is my another craze on checkered chart which I named it as Checkered Heart, a freebies from Anchor. I intend to give this to someone as her birthday gift. I probably may stitch this chart again for next coming Valentine *wink*

17 October 2005

RR.. ?? Again...???

All these while I've told myself that I will never join any RR after my first RR. My first RR was "Frickle Minded RR (FMRR)" where only 3 of us from Malaysian Stitchers (Nik, Cheez & myself) participated. I love stitching for their FMRR but, I feel guilty when I always unable to complete my stitching as schedule. All of us suppose to complete our FMRR before our birthdays which fall in June. Nik & Cheez managed to do it right on time, but myselff... urghhh.. I still didn’t finished on my RR... :(

Recently my another stitching group, Needlecrafter organizing another RR namely "Single Pattern RR (SPRR)". I was comtemplating to join at first, but later I decided to take the challenge. This RR only requires each participants to stitch the same pattern on the owner RR, in different colours/tones. This time round 8 members has agreed to join the SPRR, which means I am committed with this RR up till Feb 2006…

This is my square on my SPRR. The original pattern was taken from Papilion Creations, namely Love Letter but I did some modifications to the patterns in order to suit our SPRR requirements. It was stitched on 14 ct aida white, using Icing on the Cake from Six Sweet Strands.

I also has received Hani SPRR and surprisingly I managed to complete my square on her SPRR way before the next mail out date, i.e. 21 Oct 05