31 January 2010

Sequins Flowers Called Pink Roses

I'm always amazed how beaders created some flowers, using beads, sequins & pearls. They're are all sooo so beautiful yet intricate. Sometimes I spent almost hours looking at the photos of these flowers, analyzing how to they're made.

The moment my sister in law gave me her jubah to work on, I already decided to stitch sequins flowers on it. So for my 2nd project, I use pink & milky sequins with red beads and white pearls to add some colours to her light brown jubah. On the overall, I still not satisfied with my work. I know I need more practice in order to get the perfect skills.

lotsa love from me,

30 January 2010

My (not so) Newly Found Love...

Beads & Sequins Embroidery is something new to me. Due to difficulty to get back to employment for almost 1 year, I decided to pick up beads & sequins embroidery. I signed up for a class by Amoi2505 some time in April 2009. Before this, many of my friends has been persuaded me to learn beads & sequins embroidery so that I could generate some income from beading. Although I'm a bit hesitate at early stage, but later I found that I'm falling in love again - this time with beads & sequins !

The 20 techniques I learnt from my beads embroidery class.

My 1st beads embroidery wuz pyramid design on my old orangy baju kurung. I wanted to mix orange and turquoise beads for this design. But I couldn't find the right turqoise beads, so I opt for dark brown & orange combination instead. For this simple design, it took me MONTHS to complete juz for both hands. Ha.. ha.. ha.. it's not bcoz I'm slow but I could not find time to complete it after I get back to working life. BTW, I finally get a job a month after my beads embroidery class.

My 1st ever creations - combination of orange & brown pyramid design

So far other than this pyramid designs, I have been working on 2-3 other projects and will show it here, later...

lotsa love from me,

29 January 2010

Opening of Pondok Craft, Patchwork & Quilt Shop

Pondok Craft, Patchwork & Quilt Shop
19, Persiaran Kikik 2, Taman Inderawasih
Perai, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 016 2665348

New kids on the block !

Yeapp.. Pondok Craft, Patchwork & Quilt Shop is the latest LNS in Seberang Perai owned by sisters Ayu & Dira. They will resume their 1st day operation this coming 30 January 2010.

Do check out what's in store.. New fabrics, sewing tools sell at a promotional price. Sewing kits where you can just pick up & learn to sew on the spot. Lots of finished quilt products on sale...& lots and lots of other things..

lotsa love from me,

28 January 2010

It's Already 2020...

... ermm, how time flies. we're now in year 2010, on the 28th day to be exact and yet, i haven't posted anything.

resolutions ...??? well, i think i better continue the previous years' resolutions which some has not 100% completed (almost all, actually.. ermm). i hope i can seriously working on some beads work this year. other than that, learning decoupage technics, quilting, cake decorating are also to be considered. ho ho.. now my list getting longer, hik hik hik.. anyway, i'm still hoping i could slot some time to continue my cross stitching, tatting & crochet in between my new interests.

lastly.. i would like to 'A Happy New Year' to my blogs readers, thank you for your visits and do come often & leave some comments.

lotsa love from me,