14 October 2006

25 Motif Challenge - A Start

I think I moved a step ahead by joining the 25 Motif Challenge even thou M still green in tatting. For this 25 Motif Challenge, participants are required to tat 25 motifs in 12 months. We, the participants are allowed to tat any patterns from the book, freebies or our own design. As M still new in tatting, I plan to try the freebies tatting patterns available from the net.

For a starter, I completed this design from Needledreams Tat-Along Project Blog using the DMC Cebelia No. 80. Since the thread is very very fine for me the beginner, I have to be extra careful in order I did not make any mistakes.

p/s : Nik, the heart pattern is a freebie from the net. Unfortunately I didn't remember the link. Will try to figure it out for you yea..


  1. Azie for a beginner using size 80 thread you are doing very well! Keep up the good work.

  2. Size 80? Amazing Azie! Great work!!