30 November 2010

Dear Potential Customer, Can You Call Me Back

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone (sorry, I forgot her name) asking about the Rose Garden design that I stitched for Ju. She promised to call me back which she did. Unfortunately I didn't manage to grab the phone on time to answer. There's a number listed over my phone screen but when I dialed the number, it's a main hunting line of TNB.

To my dearest potential customer, if you happened to read this posting can you call/sms me back. Sorry I didn't able to answer your call yesterday as the rings stopped I could pressed the button 'answer'.

lotsa love from me,

28 November 2010

Rose Garden

Ju sent me her baju kurung for some beadswork way before Ramadhan and I stitched this Rose Garden design (inspired by Geejai of Art of Beads but I did some alternation) for her. She requested the beadswork for neck area (5 inch length) and for the sleeves.

As she's wearing headscarf, after Hari Raya she sent back her baju kurung to increase the 5" length to 12" length for the neckline, plus extra beadworks for the sleeves.

BEFORE - 5" length for neck area

AFTER - 12" length for neck area


AFTER - additional beadswork for both sleeves

lotsa love from me,

27 November 2010

Scattered Beads with Flowers for Linda

Linda offered her baju kurung for me to practice my beading skill some time back. Hence, I stitched this design - Scattered Beads with some sequins flowers.

lotsa love from me,

03 November 2010

Another T-Shirt Cover by Lil'Honey Collection

This time, girl shirts... taraaa....

tissue cover - girl shirt.
RM6 each
free 1 pocket tissue

Interested ...??? Contact Zalita at lilhoneycollection@gmail.com for order.

lotsa love from me,

01 November 2010

T-Shirt Tissue Cover by Lil'Honey Collection

tissue cover - boy shirt.
RM6 each
free 1 pocket tissue

My partner, Zalita aka Cheez of Lil'Honey Collection is taking part in 1 day 1 Product November 2010 Challenge arranged by Zila Kassim. 20% from the sale profit will go to Help For Imaan fund.

If you are interested with this T-shirt tissue cover, you may contact Zalita at lilhoneycollection@gmail.com for order.

lotsa love from me,

28 October 2010

Roses Scattered Beads for 'Datin Ila'

Another beadswork done b4 recent Ramadhan - Roses Scattered Beads

Scrapbook at WiddlyTinks.com
Scrapbooking Photo Tinks by WiddlyTinks.com

My needlecraft buddies, Ila from Malacca asked if I could help her for some beadswork for her customer, Datin __ (err.. sorry I dont know her name so I named her as 'Datin Ila' hik hik hik).

'Datin Ila' requested for Manik Tabur design (Scattered Beads) with some sequins flowers for her baju kurung sleeves.

lotsa love from me,

26 October 2010

Flower Bunches for Ramlah

My neighbour, Ramlah asked if I could stitch some beads & sequins on her baju kurung's sleeves. She intends to wear it during her sister's engagement day.

And taraaaa... here's the Flower Bunches for her...


lotsa love from me,

25 October 2010

Needlecraft is My Passions...

As far as I remember, my love in needlecraft started when I was in my Year 1 in primary school. I always look forward for our needlecraft session where I started learning stitch an X on gingham. Soon later our teacher will teach us some other stitches.

Later, I learnt to keep myself busy at JB Public Library the same year and there I found myself a book on crochet. I remember I told my dad to buy me some crochet needles & yarns, and he bought me my 1st yarn - a dark blue colour. This is where my love in crochet started.

After more than 20 yrs I started seriously cross stitching. I'm glad I found many local cross stitchers who share the same passion as mine. I also introduce myself to tatting, thanks to my sifu Faizon. And I do take up some short courses on curtain makings. At least I can sew my own curtains whenever i like.

And now I'm into beads & sequins embroideries on baju kurung/kebaya or blouses for almost 2 yrs. I started my small business in beads & sequins embroideries services this year, and Alhamdulillah the business goes well. I will share some of my beadworks done for my customers in another posting.

What I want to point here.. Needlecraft is my passions, and if my passions can generate some income, it's a blessed.

note : I'm really pissed off with someone who look down on my passions and my small business. Juz remember : 'life is like a wheel...'

lotsa love from me,

25 May 2010

Bling Bling This Raya

Need a bling bling baju kurung or kebaya for your office attire ? Or while attending a wedding reception or any function? Or a bling bling baju kurung or kebaya to put on during the coming Hari Raya this September ?

Well.., we will turn your dull baju kurung or kebaya to something more outstanding with designs of your choice. We also give free consultation on which designs to suit to your baju kurung/baju kebaya.

Interested..?? Why not give us a ring or send your sms to our mobile : 019-319-3306 or your may email us your orders or queries to our mailbox : myltcraft@yahoo.com. We would be glad to assist you soonest possible.

Why wait..?? Grab your phone now or write to us as we only accept orders until July 2010 or until we reach our maximum quota - for Hari Raya orders. Let's bling bling this raya ..!!!

lotsa love from me,

31 January 2010

Sequins Flowers Called Pink Roses

I'm always amazed how beaders created some flowers, using beads, sequins & pearls. They're are all sooo so beautiful yet intricate. Sometimes I spent almost hours looking at the photos of these flowers, analyzing how to they're made.

The moment my sister in law gave me her jubah to work on, I already decided to stitch sequins flowers on it. So for my 2nd project, I use pink & milky sequins with red beads and white pearls to add some colours to her light brown jubah. On the overall, I still not satisfied with my work. I know I need more practice in order to get the perfect skills.

lotsa love from me,