22 May 2006

2005 Valentine Stitch Card Exchange

This year I took part in 2 Valentine Stitch Card Exchange (VSCE). The first one by Malaysian Stitchers Yahoo Group which goes to Kak Ji of Terengganu. And in return I got mine from Kak Jie too.. The chart wuz taken from the 2005 UK Crossstitcher magazines. It wuz stitched on my own hand-dyed 14ct aida. I like this design very much especially the love shape border. Anyway, I didn't really happy the way I did my card. Very unprofessional, may be I shud brush up my card making skills..

For Needlecrafter Yahoo Group VSCE, I stitched this patchwork design which I named 'Patchwork Heart' for Linda. Original design wuz taken from old magazine (I think for than 10 yrs old mag). Actually it came in set of 9, but I stitch one for this occasion. Thinking to do all 9 patchwork hearts one day.. when ?? he he... only God knows..

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