06 October 2006

New Love

It's been a while since my last posting.. Well, I juz found my new love.. something I never met before.. hik hik..

Yeahh.. I fell in love with 'tatting' ever since July.. Since then, shuttle & tatting threads are my friends.. Thanks Faizon, for being my 'sifu'.. The funny thing during my 1st class, my fingers are all stiff.. I unable to hold the threads properly & wuz still I cannot do the 'flip' properly.. After the 1st class, I try myself to do the double stitch & picot, but still I cannot close the 'ring'.. Thanks again to Faizon, for willing to give an extra class the following week.

Thou I think tatting is a bit tough for me, not as easy as crochet, I'll never give up..


  1. Tatting is addictive. It may take a while, but once you learn how to do the 'flip' you'll be OK. Several of the tatters in the 25 Motif Challenge have just started so you are in good company. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your first tatting.

  2. The 'flip' will come naturaly with practise, practise and more practise. They'll come a time whe you cannot NOT make a 'flip' :)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of tatting!!

  3. Thanks Sharon & BJ for your comments.. yeahh, I found it rather difficult to do the flip, but now I can say M quite ok with it. M still working on some motif for 25 Motif Challenge, and shall post the pictures..

    Have to admit that M really addicted to tatting ;)