15 December 2009

Giveaway / Free Gift by House of Patchwork & Quilt

Zila of House of Patchwork & Quilt is giving 5 coin pouches Suteramas to the first 5 comments. She will be giving more goodies after her Terengganu trip.

To participate, pretty easy. You just need to write about her giveaway in your blog & leave your comments in her blog.

Do check out her blog here. Good Luck !!!

lotsa love from me,

13 December 2009

It's Chocolaty Time...

I lurve this year December month, where we only have to work for 4 days in a week. Starting from last week, there are 4 public holidays falls in a row on every Fridays. That would meant I gonna have 3 days for weekends... Wallaaaa..

We didn't planned for any trips, we just wanna have some good rest at home. Of course on my side, I spent more time in the kitchen, do some laundry & spring cleaning. And I managed to steal some hours working on my beading embroidery.

Yesterday, the kids was suggesting if I could bake them a cake. Since I haven't bake any cakes for past 6 months (eversince I started working), I think that's a great ideas. Nafiz & Fina are excited when they learnt that I'm going to bake them a chocolate cake. My kids love chocolate cakes, I guess most kids do !

As usual, Nafiz are the one who love to help me out when it came to baking. I think I can start slowly teach him the proper technique to bake a cake ! For this chocolate cake, I add some walnuts so that rather than a plain chocolate cake, there are some nutty for the kids to munch other than the chocolate toppings with almonds & chocolate rice. And this is the first time my Batrisyia learning about double boiling technique.

I can see the happy face in Naquib's face every time he went to the kitchen to check on the cake. So after 45 mins, the cake is yummy - ready to eat. As usual, within minutes.. the cake almost finished. And Mama got another orders for next week - plain butter cake & orange cake.. Hope I can fulfilled their requests !

Nafiz & Fina wants to pose with the chocolate cake - fresh from oven.

lotsa love from me,

10 December 2009

Kelas Sulam Manik Tahap 2 & 3

A little update on this class, highlighted in red.


I'm doing a favor for a friend, Genie aka Shima. She's organising a bead embroidery class for Level 2 & 3 for her neighbourhood community in January 2010. And this class is opened for public too..

Details of the class are as follow :

Date : 9 January 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 9 am - 4 pm
Venue : Taman Sutera, Kajang. Please click HERE for location map.
Fees : RM 35 including beading. As a guarantee of your participants, the organizer (Genie) prefer if you could bank in full payment of RM 35.00 latest by 25 Dec 09 & no refund will be made should you cancelled your registration.

Payment : Via Maybank or CIMB, please email to nsibit@gmail.com your name & contact no, once you have make payment for this class, or you can contact her via mobile : 013-4352768

Account number: 164017158150

Account number :16010003025203

Among technics you will learn during the class :

For Level 2
  1. Daun Kecil
  2. Daun Pakis
  3. Daun Stem
  4. Daun Lintang Sebelah
  5. Daun Lintang 2 Belah
  6. Batang Bunga 1
  7. Batang Bunga 2
  8. Inti Bunga 1
  9. Inti Bunga 2
  10. Inti Bunga 3

For Level 3

  1. Jejurai
  2. Mutiara Bersalut
  3. Mutiara Berantai
  4. Bunga Krismas
  5. Bunga Ros
  6. Bunga Tanjung
  7. Bunga Rossette
  8. Bunga Bintang
  9. Bunga Batu Permata
  10. Bunga Lalang
  11. Sisik Ikan
  12. Sisik Ikan 2 Lapis
If you interested to join the class, kindly send email to Genie directly at : nsibit@gmail.com.

*note :
Some of you might been wondering why this class is much much more cheaper than the normal beads embroidery class. According to Genie, the Kolej Komuniti instructor willing to teach her neighbourhood community at minimal fees. So, since it's cheap.. she been thinking why not share this to public who might interested to join.

lotsa love from me,

08 December 2009

Friends Gather / Quilters Retreat 2

Well, this time round let's the photos speak of itself. What I can say, although most of us are tired after a three full days attending classes (FMQ, bags making, Etui, etc), everybody are happy... especially when you're surrounded with people of same interest.

The participants... the happy faces

A view from the hotel room.
4 of us : Aniza, Leena, Roz & myself staying in the same room.
What the heck, as long we have place to rest & importantly have our beauty sleep.

The teacups & teapots perfect for applique. But I forgot to buy any, urghhh...

Shop.. Shop... Shop.... Juz pick what you like !

Everybody is focusing on the class.
Top : Corine, the event organizer

The Bumble Bee - Bernina 830.
The mini Rolls Royce, wish if I could own one... ermmm...

A glimpse of Bernina Aurora 440 QE. Missed my Rory...

A BIG thank you to Aniza, who was our 'Tourist Guide', ahaks... who brought us to Pondok Corine, Queensbay & Hanim's Brown Garden Dreams after the class ends. Our schedule are really packed for 3 full days, but one thing for sure : WE'RE SEW HAPPY....

*Credits :
Troy16, the other half of Kathy, for some of the photos

lotsa love from me,

04 December 2009

Friends Gather a.k.a Quilters Retreat I

Finally.. I wuz at the Friends Gather aka Quilters Retreat from 20th till 22 November 2009 after being 50-50 about it before. Even after Leena booked the air ticket I'm still thinking, should I go or shouldnt ?

I wanted to be there so much but as mother I've been worried so much of leaving my 5 children at home. Especially when DH told he has to attend his company's team building programme on 21st & 22 November. This would mean they will be left 'home alone' during the weekend. Alhamdullillah, everything are ok with the help of my eldest - Naufal & Batrisyia. Of-course, while I wuz away I have to make few calls whenever I can.

We (Leena & me) took morning flight to Penang on Fireflyz while Roz took the earlier flight via Airasia and Nik has checked-in a night before. We met at the Penang Airport, had a quick breakfast before we took a cab to Vistana Penang. When we reached there, the FMQ Beginner Class has already started about 10 minutes or more. Although Roslind wuz such a gud instructor and explains clearly, I still feelling dizzy. Probably bcoz of lack of sleep the previous week.

During this class, I got the chance to get to know 'Rory'. This is my 1st time using Bernina Aurora 440 QE although I've seen it before. I'm really excited with this sewing machine but I still can make perfect loops using the BSR. Roselind, the instructor said, i'm too nervous. Ha.. ha.. ha.. we need to arrange for date, Rory.. LOL !!

Me & Leena, learning FMQ using Bernina Aurora 440 QE BSR

and me, seriously practicising her BSR after the class ends

Other than FMQ classes (Beginner on 1st day, Intermediate on 2nd day & Advanced on 3rd day), there also some bag classes & Etui. For the 1st day, I took the FMQ Beginner which cover the whole entire day and Intermediate class on the 2nd day, plus Trapunto during the afternoon session. Since I have make at least one bag as a 'prove' I attended this programme I decided not to take the FMQ Advanced class. After all, my FMQ skills are pretty bad. I need to practice more b4 I cud move to Advanced class.

Some of the bags which you can pick to learn.

I lurve this bag sew much, hope to learn it one day... combination of patchwork & machine embroidery

Mek Sue (Sunbonnet Sue). The upper photo are the Friendship Girls which I bought a kit yet to assemble, ahaks..

Some of the completed quilts projects by the quilters

and these, by the sifu Roselind

*Credits :
Troy16, the other half of Kathy for some of the photos

lotsa love from me,

18 November 2009

Stash Swap

Hani @ Tini of Hani Love Sewing has volunteered to organize this Stash Swap recently. The response from the needlecrafters was really good until she has to organize for another 2 more group. Since I was among the first to submit my name, I was in the Group 1 and my partners are Fuzzy & Mus.

The participants need to give their partners some stash and in return she will also get stash from her other partner. The stash which includes the followings :
  1. 10 pcs of buttons
  2. 3 pcs of fat quarters
  3. 3 pcs of 1 mtr ribbons
  4. 2 pcs A4 size felt
  5. a surprise stash to their partners
And this was what I sent to Mus.

I have received my stash from Fuzzy (TQ Fuzzy!), but yet to snap any photos. I will upload the photos soon once the photos are ready.

lotsa love from me,

16 November 2009

... Blooming Flowers

I have to admit that my flower arrangement skill pretty bad. The very last time I did, was the topiary flowers which I did about 2 years back So when my office mate request me to arrange some flowers, I only promised her with two words : 'I'll try.."

That weekend, I went to Romantika Shah Alam to shop for flowers. At the same time, tried to see how they arranged the flowers. And I went back home with big heart - I want to polish back my flower arrangement skills.

After hours playing with dried sponge & dried flowers, I finally made FOUR bouquets, not TWO as requested by my office mate.

I sold this to the office at RM 40. Is it too cheap or too expensive ?

and sold this too at RM 25

and kept these two at home, as no buyers yet..

I love if you could leave some comments on my flower arrangement. Since I'm still new, I wish to improve my flower arrangement skills. Who knows, this will generate side income for me..

lotsa love from me,