20 August 2009

5th Blogoversary Giveaway

Time flies so fast, and now my baby has turned 5. Yess... today is my 5th blogoversary. That would mean : I have been blogging for 5 years, but the entries I posted so far wuz so little - 64 posts in total.

To mark this special day, I'm giving away 5 + 1 goodies from my collections. I've been thinking of this 5th Blogaversary Giveaway for some time and these are what I'm going to offer.

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 1
Hexagon Flower Pincushion

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 2
Happy Garden Fat Qtr

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 3
Lizzie*Kate Cross Stitch Chart
L*K Love is Best

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 4
10 gm of Japanese Beads which consist of round beads (1 pack),
hex beads (1 pack) & 3mm pearls (1 pack)
[Bead colours depends on availability]

My Little Touch Giveaway No. 5
Anchor Tatting Thread (Multi-color) & crochet yarn (light yellow) - sorry no photo ;)

And this is the BONUS GIFT
3 skeins of Six Strand Sweet floss as a bonus gift

(If I'm not mistaken SSS has closed their website,
but you can get them thru their distributor in Malaysia - Linda J)

To participate, you just need to do the followings :
  • Add My Little Touch banner & links to your blog lists
  • Follow Me
  • Promote My Little Touch 5th Blogoversary Giveaway in your latest blog entry
  • Leave your comments about me or My Little Touch in THIS entry ONCE and dont forget to leave your link too
  • And lastly, inform me your participation via email : liltouch[at]gmail.com

The giveaway will run for one month until 18 September 2009 at 11.58 pm. I will announce the lucky winners on 19 September 2009.

lotsa love from me,

19 August 2009

Finally.... I Won

As you might know, I posted more on giveaways in my blog recently. After 9 entries, finally the lady luck is with me this time..

I feel so lucky enuf to win this crocheted flower felt hairpin (see photo) from Melorgarden. Aren't they so cute ? And they will be all mine, hik hik.. Nope, Melor did not give me all three. I have to pick one, but I dunno which one to choose as all them are so cute. I want all three, so I buy the other two.. LOL

Thanks Melor for organizing the giveaway & congrats too for celebrating Melorgarden 3rd Anniversary. And I'm gonna celebrating my 5th Blogoversary tomorrow.. ;)

lotsa love from me,

16 August 2009

Jon's Thread Escapade Tripple Celebrations

I had always wanted to learn tatting for umpteen years. And I wuz lucky enuf to got the chance to learn from my sifu Jon @ Faizon of Jon's Thread Escapade. I thought learning tatting is pretty easy like how I learnt crochet before. This time my judgement is wrong. I remember how my fingers are so stiff & I cant even flip & make a ring. But my sifu Jon is such a patience teacher, who never give up in teaching. I've to admit, I learnt tatting half way & yet to complete the whole lessons thou Jon keep on telling me, to let her know whenever I'm ready to grab the shuttles again.

Well, I would like to share my sifu Tripple Celebrations in the month of August :

  1. She's going to celebrate her 3rd Blogoversary on 26 August 2009 (I'm gonna celebrate mine in another 4 days !)
  2. She's also going to celebrate her birthday in the month of August too...
  3. Lastly, Jon going to come out with her 2nd book on tatting. Jon has put much effort in producing her tatting books. I simply love all the patterns that she's created before.

For her Tripple Celebrations in August, Jon is giving away signed copies of her new book to 3 lucky winners. I believe this is something I can't resist. A tatting book (of-course with patterns & instructions) made by a Malaysian. After all, she's my tatting sifu !!

lotsa love from me,

15 August 2009

Snazzy & Such Giveaway

I'm still trying to see whether lady luck will be with me.. So you'll see my recent postings will be focus more on current giveaway, hik hik.. After all, I have no craft related to show at the mo. I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day, so that i can steal some hours to work on some needlecraft.

See those nice bubbly yarns ? Yeahh.. Tini of Snazzy & Such have a basket full of crochet yarns to give away. She said it's more than 15 skeins in the box, including 4 imported brand. She will split the yarns into two, so there will be 2 lucky winners. Imagine ... if I won, I gonna have a handful of crochet yarns.. wow.. I loike !! I loike !!!

To participate, is pretty simple. Juz leave a comment in her blog, and tell why you like crafting.
Closing date will be on 18 August 2009 @ 11.55 pm. So do check out Tini's blog the very first on 19 August morning..

lotsa love from me,

14 August 2009

Molleygarden 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

Something not to be missed ! Melor of Molleygarden is the Santa in the month of August. She's kind enuf to offer goodies in conjuction of Molleygarden 3rd Anniversary.

Click HERE to check details how to participants. Hurry.. she's announcing the winners on weekly basis until 31 August 2009.

lotsa love from me,

13 August 2009

Among My 1st Ever Cross Stitch...

Eerrmmm.. It been ages since the very last time I hold my cross stitch needles. I wanted to stitch but been distracted with so many other crafts. But, for sure I'm not giving up on my cross stitch. Hope, I will continue again.. one day..

Well while playing with the puter, I remember my webshot account. Lucky I remember my ID & password, LOL.. so long I didnt update anything there.

So I would like to share one my 1st ever completed cross stitch projects so far. It wuz stitched in 2004 - the year, when I start picking u p my cross stitch needles again. This is sp ecially stitched for Shirley for her birthday. I hope she still have this in her collection. Oppss.. her birthday is coming next week !!

See the aida ? I stitched this on aida 10 ct. I think th is the only aida I found nearby my area. Later I've upgraded myself to 11ct , 16ct & 18ct as well to linen. Among all, I think I like 16ct & linen d best.

For this flower bouquet.. I didnt remember where I keep this piece. It should be in one of the XS mags in my collection. But I remember this piece very well, as I used to stitch this in the car on my way to work, of course with DH driving.. hik hik..

lotsa love from me,

Check Your Website Speed

For quite some time, I realised my blog is getting slower & slower. During a chat with Zalita, she suggest that I start using Firefox. And I found it a bit.. a bit.. arr.. better with Firefox, compared to IE though I still feel my blog is still slow. I do checked with other friends, and their comments : well.., nope.. I can easily accessed to your blog easily. But I still not satisfied.

Today, while bloghopping I found the answer - from Din3187 blog. He wrote here about checking your website speed using the web tool from iwebtool. If the test result shown your blog is more than 200KB, it means your website is slow and you should minimise some widgets or gadgets.

Upon checking, this is the result. My blog size is 328.31 KB, with load time 0.28 seconds. urrmmm..

So my feeling is right.. Now i must get rid some of the widgets & gadgets from my blog. Do you have any suggestions, which widgets & gadgets in my blog that I shud remove ?

For those you would like to check your website speed, you can check it here..

lotsa love from me,