18 November 2009

Stash Swap

Hani @ Tini of Hani Love Sewing has volunteered to organize this Stash Swap recently. The response from the needlecrafters was really good until she has to organize for another 2 more group. Since I was among the first to submit my name, I was in the Group 1 and my partners are Fuzzy & Mus.

The participants need to give their partners some stash and in return she will also get stash from her other partner. The stash which includes the followings :
  1. 10 pcs of buttons
  2. 3 pcs of fat quarters
  3. 3 pcs of 1 mtr ribbons
  4. 2 pcs A4 size felt
  5. a surprise stash to their partners
And this was what I sent to Mus.

I have received my stash from Fuzzy (TQ Fuzzy!), but yet to snap any photos. I will upload the photos soon once the photos are ready.

lotsa love from me,

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  1. Hey there Azie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I haven't been here before but I will come and visit more often! Thanks for your compliments on my sewing organization. I'm trying!