08 December 2009

Friends Gather / Quilters Retreat 2

Well, this time round let's the photos speak of itself. What I can say, although most of us are tired after a three full days attending classes (FMQ, bags making, Etui, etc), everybody are happy... especially when you're surrounded with people of same interest.

The participants... the happy faces

A view from the hotel room.
4 of us : Aniza, Leena, Roz & myself staying in the same room.
What the heck, as long we have place to rest & importantly have our beauty sleep.

The teacups & teapots perfect for applique. But I forgot to buy any, urghhh...

Shop.. Shop... Shop.... Juz pick what you like !

Everybody is focusing on the class.
Top : Corine, the event organizer

The Bumble Bee - Bernina 830.
The mini Rolls Royce, wish if I could own one... ermmm...

A glimpse of Bernina Aurora 440 QE. Missed my Rory...

A BIG thank you to Aniza, who was our 'Tourist Guide', ahaks... who brought us to Pondok Corine, Queensbay & Hanim's Brown Garden Dreams after the class ends. Our schedule are really packed for 3 full days, but one thing for sure : WE'RE SEW HAPPY....

*Credits :
Troy16, the other half of Kathy, for some of the photos

lotsa love from me,


  1. Hello Azie,
    seronoknya dapat pergi class/gathering macam ni. Wish that someday ada peluang untuk Yati join aktiviti macam ni. Sekarang ni, tak boleh lagi, sebab ada si kecik yang still bf. :)

  2. yes yati.. mmg seronok.. tak per, nanti masih ada peluang bila yg baby dah besar sket...

    neeway, i kagum dgn you.. wat XS & sell

  3. kak azie..kak corine takde blog ke ?..best nye kalau dapat pergi.. :(

  4. faridah, corine x de blog. if ada, mmg best banget !! tak per faridah, next retreat bole join. kot nak buat kat sabah/sarawak plaks ker.. he he...