13 December 2009

It's Chocolaty Time...

I lurve this year December month, where we only have to work for 4 days in a week. Starting from last week, there are 4 public holidays falls in a row on every Fridays. That would meant I gonna have 3 days for weekends... Wallaaaa..

We didn't planned for any trips, we just wanna have some good rest at home. Of course on my side, I spent more time in the kitchen, do some laundry & spring cleaning. And I managed to steal some hours working on my beading embroidery.

Yesterday, the kids was suggesting if I could bake them a cake. Since I haven't bake any cakes for past 6 months (eversince I started working), I think that's a great ideas. Nafiz & Fina are excited when they learnt that I'm going to bake them a chocolate cake. My kids love chocolate cakes, I guess most kids do !

As usual, Nafiz are the one who love to help me out when it came to baking. I think I can start slowly teach him the proper technique to bake a cake ! For this chocolate cake, I add some walnuts so that rather than a plain chocolate cake, there are some nutty for the kids to munch other than the chocolate toppings with almonds & chocolate rice. And this is the first time my Batrisyia learning about double boiling technique.

I can see the happy face in Naquib's face every time he went to the kitchen to check on the cake. So after 45 mins, the cake is yummy - ready to eat. As usual, within minutes.. the cake almost finished. And Mama got another orders for next week - plain butter cake & orange cake.. Hope I can fulfilled their requests !

Nafiz & Fina wants to pose with the chocolate cake - fresh from oven.

lotsa love from me,

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