21 November 2008

What I'm Doing Right Now...

As promised, this week I start stitching on Inazz's RR. Pity Inazz, for gotta wait for more than a year b4 her baby really back home. I guess this is one of the longest RR ever completed. Out of 6 participants, I guess only Hani & Niesa received their RR back.

I wanted badly to do my own topiary bouquet.. and this is my first ever topiary I ever did, many many moon ago..

Lastly.. let me introduce Mr Nemo, our 4 years old male cat. We have another 2 more cats at home - Creame & Lady Mocha. Not forgetting, we also have our Mr Coco who happily jumping here n there in our little garden. Will upload their photos when I got a chance.

p/s : Welcome Hani to blogging world ... Happy Blogging !! To Linda, I saw you start warming up your blog already...


  1. salam azie...

    nice RR and one good looking cat that Mr Nemo..

  2. Hi Azie!

    Tks for dropping my blog and saying hello!

    What a lovely posting this is. Love your topiary works!

  3. hi have a nice day.. looking for wallpapers for your house? or your friends/relative interested, visit my blog!

  4. Azie lawa nya XS tu....colorful
    frm anasue