16 November 2009

... Blooming Flowers

I have to admit that my flower arrangement skill pretty bad. The very last time I did, was the topiary flowers which I did about 2 years back So when my office mate request me to arrange some flowers, I only promised her with two words : 'I'll try.."

That weekend, I went to Romantika Shah Alam to shop for flowers. At the same time, tried to see how they arranged the flowers. And I went back home with big heart - I want to polish back my flower arrangement skills.

After hours playing with dried sponge & dried flowers, I finally made FOUR bouquets, not TWO as requested by my office mate.

I sold this to the office at RM 40. Is it too cheap or too expensive ?

and sold this too at RM 25

and kept these two at home, as no buyers yet..

I love if you could leave some comments on my flower arrangement. Since I'm still new, I wish to improve my flower arrangement skills. Who knows, this will generate side income for me..

lotsa love from me,


  1. Not bad at all, great arrangement indeed. For RM40, I'd say, the price is quite reasonable. :)

  2. Lovely. Price not bad,...should not be less though.

  3. lovely arrangement.. but sorry to comment that were 'old style' arrangement... Kena berani cuba keluar dari simetric design (seimbang kiri dan kanan). New trend is more like ikibana style with extra item to enhance the arrangement like kayu, buluh, ranting etc... sekadar berkongsi, jgn marah yer..