15 December 2009

Giveaway / Free Gift by House of Patchwork & Quilt

Zila of House of Patchwork & Quilt is giving 5 coin pouches Suteramas to the first 5 comments. She will be giving more goodies after her Terengganu trip.

To participate, pretty easy. You just need to write about her giveaway in your blog & leave your comments in her blog.

Do check out her blog here. Good Luck !!!

lotsa love from me,


  1. Hi dear,

    You've got a nice blog! And the coin pouches are just cuteee. I wonder if the comments I leaving here counts. Thanks and have a lovely day. I hope I win ;)

  2. akak,lala join ek...

  3. salam perkenalan, saya join giveaway...ni link saya..


    tq so much..

  4. Dear Mamalyna, cik lala kismis & one love cottage.

    alamakk... sowi arr, if my posting abt this giveaway a bit misleading..

    giveaway tu organized by Zila Kasim, House of Pachwork & Quilting (http://coretanseni.blogspot.com/) some time ago. giveaway ni pun dah tamat sebelum akhir tahun 2009.

    neeway, tq for dropping by my blog...

  5. sweat =.=" I thought it was you who organize the giveaway. I've misunderstood it. Anyways, have a nice day ;)