10 December 2009

Kelas Sulam Manik Tahap 2 & 3

A little update on this class, highlighted in red.


I'm doing a favor for a friend, Genie aka Shima. She's organising a bead embroidery class for Level 2 & 3 for her neighbourhood community in January 2010. And this class is opened for public too..

Details of the class are as follow :

Date : 9 January 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 9 am - 4 pm
Venue : Taman Sutera, Kajang. Please click HERE for location map.
Fees : RM 35 including beading. As a guarantee of your participants, the organizer (Genie) prefer if you could bank in full payment of RM 35.00 latest by 25 Dec 09 & no refund will be made should you cancelled your registration.

Payment : Via Maybank or CIMB, please email to nsibit@gmail.com your name & contact no, once you have make payment for this class, or you can contact her via mobile : 013-4352768

Account number: 164017158150

Account number :16010003025203

Among technics you will learn during the class :

For Level 2
  1. Daun Kecil
  2. Daun Pakis
  3. Daun Stem
  4. Daun Lintang Sebelah
  5. Daun Lintang 2 Belah
  6. Batang Bunga 1
  7. Batang Bunga 2
  8. Inti Bunga 1
  9. Inti Bunga 2
  10. Inti Bunga 3

For Level 3

  1. Jejurai
  2. Mutiara Bersalut
  3. Mutiara Berantai
  4. Bunga Krismas
  5. Bunga Ros
  6. Bunga Tanjung
  7. Bunga Rossette
  8. Bunga Bintang
  9. Bunga Batu Permata
  10. Bunga Lalang
  11. Sisik Ikan
  12. Sisik Ikan 2 Lapis
If you interested to join the class, kindly send email to Genie directly at : nsibit@gmail.com.

*note :
Some of you might been wondering why this class is much much more cheaper than the normal beads embroidery class. According to Genie, the Kolej Komuniti instructor willing to teach her neighbourhood community at minimal fees. So, since it's cheap.. she been thinking why not share this to public who might interested to join.

lotsa love from me,


  1. Salam Azie,

    cuma nak inform je kalau Azie perasan, 9 januari tu hari sabtu...bukan hari ahad...sebab saya buat juga kelas hari sabtu...tu yang tak perasan...
    apa2 pun salam mesra n perkenalan...

  2. salam perkenalan, mira.. tq for visiting.. me baru berjinak2 ngan manik..