04 December 2009

Friends Gather a.k.a Quilters Retreat I

Finally.. I wuz at the Friends Gather aka Quilters Retreat from 20th till 22 November 2009 after being 50-50 about it before. Even after Leena booked the air ticket I'm still thinking, should I go or shouldnt ?

I wanted to be there so much but as mother I've been worried so much of leaving my 5 children at home. Especially when DH told he has to attend his company's team building programme on 21st & 22 November. This would mean they will be left 'home alone' during the weekend. Alhamdullillah, everything are ok with the help of my eldest - Naufal & Batrisyia. Of-course, while I wuz away I have to make few calls whenever I can.

We (Leena & me) took morning flight to Penang on Fireflyz while Roz took the earlier flight via Airasia and Nik has checked-in a night before. We met at the Penang Airport, had a quick breakfast before we took a cab to Vistana Penang. When we reached there, the FMQ Beginner Class has already started about 10 minutes or more. Although Roslind wuz such a gud instructor and explains clearly, I still feelling dizzy. Probably bcoz of lack of sleep the previous week.

During this class, I got the chance to get to know 'Rory'. This is my 1st time using Bernina Aurora 440 QE although I've seen it before. I'm really excited with this sewing machine but I still can make perfect loops using the BSR. Roselind, the instructor said, i'm too nervous. Ha.. ha.. ha.. we need to arrange for date, Rory.. LOL !!

Me & Leena, learning FMQ using Bernina Aurora 440 QE BSR

and me, seriously practicising her BSR after the class ends

Other than FMQ classes (Beginner on 1st day, Intermediate on 2nd day & Advanced on 3rd day), there also some bag classes & Etui. For the 1st day, I took the FMQ Beginner which cover the whole entire day and Intermediate class on the 2nd day, plus Trapunto during the afternoon session. Since I have make at least one bag as a 'prove' I attended this programme I decided not to take the FMQ Advanced class. After all, my FMQ skills are pretty bad. I need to practice more b4 I cud move to Advanced class.

Some of the bags which you can pick to learn.

I lurve this bag sew much, hope to learn it one day... combination of patchwork & machine embroidery

Mek Sue (Sunbonnet Sue). The upper photo are the Friendship Girls which I bought a kit yet to assemble, ahaks..

Some of the completed quilts projects by the quilters

and these, by the sifu Roselind

*Credits :
Troy16, the other half of Kathy for some of the photos

lotsa love from me,

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