13 October 2009

Friends Gather & Bag Making Classes

Yeayyy.... yeayyy.. I'm going to give myself a treat this coming November. I'm going to attend a Friends Gather at Penang's Vistana Hotel in Bukit Jambul on 20 - 22 November 2009. And I can't wait to attend some bag making classes, patchwork & quilting during my 3 days stay. Mind you, this will be my 1st time learning patchwork & quilting, ho.. ho.. ho... so I really can't wait !!!

There will be a demonstation of Bernina 8 Series (I called it 'Bumblebee'), the ultimate machine for quilters and machine embroidery. Yessss.. I'm gonna test drive this 'Bumbleblee', for sure !!

Other than that, there will be great promotional price on selections of :
  • Bernina Sewing Machines *limited quantity only
  • Branded & Quality Quilting tools and Sewing Notions
  • American 100% cotton prints of well known manufacturer
  • Japanese yarn-dyed fabrics
  • Kits and finishing items for Bag Making & Patchwork
So, if your are interested you can contact Aniza of Some Empty Spool at ummiar94 at gmail dot com with subject line FRIENDS GATHER or you can also check out her blog HERE.

Hope to see you there!!

lotsa love from me,


  1. Hi there Azie. I'm Haslina from Penang. Hope to see you at Vistana Penang nanti. I'm also hoping to learn something about quilting at the gathering. Hope to meet you there. Have you registered? I'm going over to Corine's house today to give her the form. Anyway, hope to see a fellow quilter kat sana nanti. Salam, Haslina

  2. Thanks Haslina, for dropping by my blog.. Salam perkenalan.. Whoaaa.. you in Penang yeah, you so lucky coz can easily to go Corine's place. Anyway, I've met Corine twice during her visit here. I'll submit my registration thru Aniza.

  3. Bestnya kalau dpt join..huhu.

  4. salam azie.. u dpt tak email i? nak add umah la ye.. utk stash swap tu.. tq

  5. actually i jump to the occasion by accident but very lovely.. . if Haslina (Penang) come back to this entry can u please contact me... just to have some connection with quilt lover in Penang.. :D Currently i'm staying at Penang too.

  6. Love your site,thanks.