04 February 2007

Welcoming 2007, Bye Bye 2006

It’s already February, going for the 2nd week but I have yet to welcome 2007 and say good bye to 2006. I wud say that it’s been a slow progress in my stitching in year 2006 thou I have started at least 2 big projects, Gone Fishing & Garden Fairies in 2006. Sadly none of them has completed. So with the coming of 2007, I hope I will able to complete at least one of my big projects. And I also have a big hope too that 2007 will be my great sititching year !!!

I have not updated my blog for couples of months, thou I did completed 2 stitching exchanges from Needles & Crafts (French Red Exchange) & Needlecrafters (Scissors FOB).

I have really slow down on my tatting, I guess I need to take some refresher classes from Teacher Faizon one of these days. On the 25 Motifs Challenge, still it’s a slow progress.. I managed to complete 5 out of 25 motifs that I supposed to do. Weyyy… I got 20 motifs to complete by October 2007. Errmm.. I need to dig out back my tatting notes b4 Sharon goes after me.. Sorry Sharon !!


  1. The only person you are challenging is yourself. That is why we decided on a year long challenge, because things can happen that take all of our available crafting time.

  2. Good to see you back Azie, hopw to see progress of your WIPs and some FO's soon :)