05 February 2007

Bitten by Tatting Bugs Again..

I’ve been on tatting slumps (errkk.. is there such words ?? hik hik) since last Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration. And far as I can remember, I tried my tatting skill again some time in December 2006, but sad to say that I’ve lost not only my tatting skills – I also dunno how to reach tatting pattern.. OMG !!!

Last nite, while trying to find some flosses for my cross stitch post card card I found back my tatting bag. A glance at the shuttles like calling me to try them again.. And whoilaaa.. I get back my tatting skills and able to read some simple tatting pattern. So last nite instead of stitching, I spent about 2 hours trying to do Cherub Doily, a freebie from Tat’s All. Of-course I can’t finish the whole doily as I did some mistakes here and there even my lunch tatting also didn’t really help. Look forward to play again with my shuttles tonite. Opppss… Desperate Housewives Seasons 3 starts tonight at 10.30 pm and I don’t want to miss this 1st episode… !!!

Thanks BJ & Sharon for dropping by. I hope I cud update my blog more frequently. U are correct Sharon, we're challenging ourselves when we signup for 25 Motifs Challenge. So M challenge myself that I cud be able to finish all 25 motifs on time.

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  1. Azie have you taken a look at the Tatting Pattern Calendar? As a group effort a number of designer have been giving their designs to the calendar at
    Most of the patterns are simple basic designs suitable for beginners. The contact information for the designer is included so you can always ask if you get stuck.