09 February 2007

25 Motifs Challenge – My 3rd, 4th and 5th Motif

During my long absence I only managed to finish 3 more motifs. Therefore, I have another 20 motifs (wow !! that’s a lot !!) to complete by October 2007. I need some turbo shuttles I guess. Not only that, I also need some express refresher class on tatting.

Since I forgot from where I took the motifs from, I shall post the photos first. Once I get the designers and the web link, I shall update my post here.

My 3rd Motif

My 4th Motif

My 5th Motif

Thanks Sharon for the link to Tatting Pattern Calendar. I will try some of the pattern from there.


  1. Those are lovely motives Azie. You're on the fast track now huh? Keep it up!

  2. that is nice!
    is it hard to do it?