09 February 2007

Heart to Heart

I showed to Cheez a.k.a. Zalita my finished XS piece for Lillie and ask her any suggestion for the finishing. Instead, she suggest if we cud have an exchange between us.

At first M thinking to stitch the other French Inspired Heart, a complementary pattern from the The Gift of Stitching. Since she prefer something in green/turqoise, she requested if I cud stitch the same pattern as what I stitch for Lillie as it’s features the peacocks. I used the Malaysian made overdyed, Dip & Twist - DTN --- on a brown 28ct linen.

And this is a Quaker Heart stitched by Cheez for me, designed by Janice Wood using white DMC and some overdyeds on 32ct lugana (in mocha). Thanks Cheez !!!! I love it !


  1. Love those colours and perfect for the linen. Excellent work!

  2. Very unique color. Its pretty.