16 August 2009

Jon's Thread Escapade Tripple Celebrations

I had always wanted to learn tatting for umpteen years. And I wuz lucky enuf to got the chance to learn from my sifu Jon @ Faizon of Jon's Thread Escapade. I thought learning tatting is pretty easy like how I learnt crochet before. This time my judgement is wrong. I remember how my fingers are so stiff & I cant even flip & make a ring. But my sifu Jon is such a patience teacher, who never give up in teaching. I've to admit, I learnt tatting half way & yet to complete the whole lessons thou Jon keep on telling me, to let her know whenever I'm ready to grab the shuttles again.

Well, I would like to share my sifu Tripple Celebrations in the month of August :

  1. She's going to celebrate her 3rd Blogoversary on 26 August 2009 (I'm gonna celebrate mine in another 4 days !)
  2. She's also going to celebrate her birthday in the month of August too...
  3. Lastly, Jon going to come out with her 2nd book on tatting. Jon has put much effort in producing her tatting books. I simply love all the patterns that she's created before.

For her Tripple Celebrations in August, Jon is giving away signed copies of her new book to 3 lucky winners. I believe this is something I can't resist. A tatting book (of-course with patterns & instructions) made by a Malaysian. After all, she's my tatting sifu !!

lotsa love from me,


  1. Happy Tripple Celebrations to Jon. Hmm... I love tatting as well. Azie, bila buku Jon dah terbit, nanti beritahu akak ya.

  2. wahhh.. kak zara pun suka tatting gaks eh.. best nih.. Psl Jon 2nd book tu, sure I'll let you know bila dah keluar. For the time being, you can purchase her 1st book. check out this :

  3. i like this Jon's thread escapade tripple celebrations

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