13 August 2009

Check Your Website Speed

For quite some time, I realised my blog is getting slower & slower. During a chat with Zalita, she suggest that I start using Firefox. And I found it a bit.. a bit.. arr.. better with Firefox, compared to IE though I still feel my blog is still slow. I do checked with other friends, and their comments : well.., nope.. I can easily accessed to your blog easily. But I still not satisfied.

Today, while bloghopping I found the answer - from Din3187 blog. He wrote here about checking your website speed using the web tool from iwebtool. If the test result shown your blog is more than 200KB, it means your website is slow and you should minimise some widgets or gadgets.

Upon checking, this is the result. My blog size is 328.31 KB, with load time 0.28 seconds. urrmmm..

So my feeling is right.. Now i must get rid some of the widgets & gadgets from my blog. Do you have any suggestions, which widgets & gadgets in my blog that I shud remove ?

For those you would like to check your website speed, you can check it here..

lotsa love from me,


  1. Kak Azie, thanks for sharing this info.
    Blog Yati pun rasa macam agak lama nak load, nak check la nanti. Thanks again.

  2. no problem yati. sharing is caring ! thks for visiting my blog..

  3. Check your website speed with advanced details using this free online website speed checker at http://www.webtoolhub.com/tn561353-website-speed-test.aspx