13 August 2009

Among My 1st Ever Cross Stitch...

Eerrmmm.. It been ages since the very last time I hold my cross stitch needles. I wanted to stitch but been distracted with so many other crafts. But, for sure I'm not giving up on my cross stitch. Hope, I will continue again.. one day..

Well while playing with the puter, I remember my webshot account. Lucky I remember my ID & password, LOL.. so long I didnt update anything there.

So I would like to share one my 1st ever completed cross stitch projects so far. It wuz stitched in 2004 - the year, when I start picking u p my cross stitch needles again. This is sp ecially stitched for Shirley for her birthday. I hope she still have this in her collection. Oppss.. her birthday is coming next week !!

See the aida ? I stitched this on aida 10 ct. I think th is the only aida I found nearby my area. Later I've upgraded myself to 11ct , 16ct & 18ct as well to linen. Among all, I think I like 16ct & linen d best.

For this flower bouquet.. I didnt remember where I keep this piece. It should be in one of the XS mags in my collection. But I remember this piece very well, as I used to stitch this in the car on my way to work, of course with DH driving.. hik hik..

lotsa love from me,


  1. salam azie! i'm here!nice work.

  2. thanks azie for dropping by.. now azie is meeting azie, LOL..