29 May 2009

It's Pay Day....

Time really flies so fast. Seems it already a month I been working in this company. A friend wuz kind enough to recommend me to be a PA to her hubby. For note, I been looking for job for nearly a year after resigned from the previous company. So her offer is something I can't resist. Especially when I have a long 'wish list' - among all a good sewing machine either Janome or Bernina and my personal lappie (Aida - you're so lucky, you now owned your personal lappie. Again M jealous here tau !!!).

So, today is the pay day. I'm smilling happily when I saw the figure creditted to my account. Immediately I have a long long list of things to buy. (Hello Azie... you have another 30 days to live with that figure yea.. don't overspend yea).

I think I should give myself a treat with my 1st salary here. After all my birthday is around the corner (nak juga mention here, ek !). I plan to visit LNS one of these days to buy some stash & fabby.. Probably Craft World @ SS2 or Sakura @ SS18. May be I could get some materials for my 'secret project' there or buy quilting kit so that I can start learning quilting. Anyone want to join me ...??

Note :
Lady Luck wuz not with me, I didn't win Craft Chomel giveaways... I hope, Faridah wud pick my name to win her Birthday Giveaway.

lotsa love from me,


  1. i'm jealous of u too...for nearly 14years i x rasa...Yahoooo PAY DAY ..:( i'm praying fr ur wishlist...insyallah

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