25 May 2009

My Sewing Room Birthday Giveaway

Found another blog offering their Giveaway. This time round, it from Faridah of My Sewing Room. She's one of the Malaysian Quilters who quite active working on her quilting hobby. In conjuction to her birthday on 22 May, she's offering 4 cross stitch charts for most luckiest persons.

To Faridah, the Geminian girl (I'm Geminian too...), Happy Belated Birthday. (Being Gemian, do I get higher chances to win one of your Giveaway tak?). I been following your blog all this while, thou sometime I didnt post any comment. Anyway, if I got the chance to win, my fav would be this one.

To play, you need to :

  1. Create an entry in your blog about her Giveaway
  2. Leave a comment in her blog about her & her blog
  3. Follow her, otherwise she can't trace you, ahaks...
  4. Link her blog to yours
  5. Leave as much comments as you can, in her blog

Lastly, wait if your name being picked up as one of the winners. Remember, closing date is on 30 May 2009. So keep on checking her blog the first thing on 31 May 2009

lotsa love from me,

1 comment:

  1. Yati baru perasan gambar Princess Mocha. Comel dia. Betul cakap kak azie, macam cross stitch Yati buat tu kan.
    Mak Yati juga ada kucind dulu, Amore, yang meninggal. Yati ada buat satu cross stitch, sebijik muka arwah Amore. Dia mix breed, persian + local. Buat pengubat rindu bila tengok cross stitch muka Amore. Ni link kalau Kak Azie nak tengok muka dia camne.