03 June 2009

It's 40 !

See this number - 030609.

It's today date. A bit similar to 030669 - the day I was borned 40 yrs ago. So, today is my birthday ! And I wish one day I could owned a car bearing the plate J-- 3669.

Other than phone calls, smses, emails & some wishes thru Facebook (you can add me if you wish), I received a hand bouquet from my sisters sent to my office. Owwhh.. the birthday gal wuz so shy actually, lucky my boss wasn't around.

Later, my son Nafiz called to inform they bought a female rabbit as my birthday gift. Actually my hubby decided to buy this rabbit as a partner to our current male rabbit - Mr Coco. Now Mr Coco got a companion which we call her Ms Crunch.. Ha ha ha.. Coco Crunch.

BTW, birthday gal got birthday cake as well. The kids waiting eagerly for me as they can't wait for cake cutting ceremony and blowing the candles. Anyway, almost every months we had this cake cutting ceremony as our birthdays (7 of us) falls on different months.

Mama & kids posing before cake cutting ceremony.

lotsa love from me,


  1. happy belated besday kak Azie..panjang umur, murah rezeki...

  2. Thks Gaban for the wishes. amin, moga makbul doa Gaban for me..

  3. Happy Birthday Azie, semoga sentiasa mendapat keberkatan dalam apa jua kebaikan yang dilakukan.

    p/s I just found you new blog.

  4. Hi Sifu.. It's such a pleasure to have you dropping by to my blog. Actually this blog is quite similar to the previous one, except I change template and add here n there.

    Thank you too for the bday wishes.

  5. Happy Birtdah Azie, moga diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan dimurahkan rezeki.

  6. happy birthday to you....shud i sing or shud i dance to celebrate your "life began at 40s"...btw have a wonderful life..nice knowing you....

  7. Sal,
    terima kasih sbb jenguk ke sini dan terima kasih diatas doa dari Sal. Amin

    Thanks Aida, for d wishes.. you can do both (sing & dance) to celebrate on my behalf. nice knowing you too, hope we will meet one day..

  8. happy birthday kak azie...

    semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan happy dan sihat selalu....