15 January 2009


Holaaa... this is my 1st time ever doing scrapbooking. Never tried at all b4. And the model is Fina, my 7 years old youngest daughter. Actually this is not the actual scrapbooking, it's online scrapbooking. I saw Maya has created one, and she is so generous by giving the link as well.

Well, I rate my 1st scrapbooking project as so-so. Everthing is there, you just need add your favourite photos, and re-arranged to your liking but yet, mine ... urgghhh. See, it shows how uncreative I am !! It's ok, first-timer maa...

Anyway, I'm sure Fina will be smiling ear to ear once she saw my scrapbook. And I bet the other 4 kids will keep asking me to create one for each of them.. Ho ho.. mommy got more toys to play now !!


  1. You did a terrific job on your first digital scrapbook page at CropMom! You've got a darling little model there!

  2. salam ..
    kak azie .. do gimme the link .. i luv to try scrapping pulak nih ..
    tak kisah ler kalau pun cuma virtual one ..

    btw, cek your email .. lilo_stitch9@yahoo.com k??
    just sent u bout d cross stitch price ..

    ps: jom exchange link!

  3. salam kak azie... best nyer dapat buat scrappng.. pah tak penah buat... kak azie dari kluang ye.. pah ingat dr kl.... saya dari simpang rengam kluang johor..hihihih kluang dulu saya sekolah kat sana.. akak dok mana kluang?...

  4. dapat tau akak org kluang pon sbb akak tulis kat blog gee jiihihihih