28 January 2009

Let's Scrapping @ CropMom.Com

Another online scrapping project.
Model : Princess Mocha - Lil' Momma in Making..
(Psstt.. psstt.. I guess she's carrying babies now)

To Alin, you can try online scraping at www.cropmom.com. You have to register first (free) and upload your own photos before start your online projects. Enjoy...

Thanks for Kathryn for dropping by. CropMom is a nice place to hanging around..

To Pah, apa kabar orang kampung....


  1. wahh bes bes ... thank u kak ..
    mlm nih juga ku buat projek ku ittewww

    email kita prob ..
    basically ..
    kain 10ct = kos x 3
    kain 14ct = kos x 4
    (kira harga lama dulu2 bujang ..)

    pattern, fabric, thread boleh self provided

  2. What a beautiful cat you have! She is, indeed, a princess! Another beautiful layout! I love seeing what CropMom users have made!

  3. thank you azie for de link..excited to try..tqvm

  4. thanks for the link to cropmom. love to try it :)

  5. akak...mentari_mrh (akma) dtg menjenguk hikhik
    waaaaa...semua org porum cari ade kat sini eks...gumbiranye hati dpt mgenali k.lilo nih
    akak suke wat kek eks...leh la share2 resepi eks

    nak add link akak kat blog akma eks.tq

  6. alinone78,
    tq bgtau how to kira commission cross stitch nih. frankly speaking, amil upah jahit xs nih balik modal tak? of course, in term of benang, mmg balik modal, cuma tang masa spent tu..

    index & alviana,
    no problem... me found the link thru maya's blog actually. shud give credit to her..

    thnk you for the compliments. yeahh she was a beautiful cat. and i miss her desperately now. she's now in heaven.. i will write a post about her again later..

  7. akma,
    tq tq sbb sudi jengah my blog & dah add link to yr blog.
    akak tak pandai buat kek actually, tp anak2 asik mintak suruh buat kek. so nak tak nak, mommy kena belajar. nasib baik, selalunya mmg abis. sejuk hati..