25 January 2011

Beading - A Stress Therapy

That wuz what posted in Harian Metro, 26 January 2011. An article about a group of ladies (they're all my beading frenz.. !!!) choose beading as their hobby. Other than juz to fill up their free leisure hours, they managed to generate some income from their hobby. And the best part, they known each other for past a year via Facebook.

We normally meet once a week or more, to discuss on our beadworks. We also do share our knowledge among each other on some beading techniques. On top of that, some of us do conduct beading classes for those who are in interested to venture more into beads embroidery.

I wuz not there during the photoshoot, as I had some other appointment to attend. Ho.. ho.. I missed this golden opportunity. I wuz told some of them had even received calls, sms & messages in their FB enquiring about their beading services after their contact numbers and blog links were posted in the article. So can I called them as 'Celeb Beaders'.. ?? Ho ho ho.. i missed the boat (I wannabe the Celeb Beader too, LOL)

lotsa love from me,

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