30 January 2010

My (not so) Newly Found Love...

Beads & Sequins Embroidery is something new to me. Due to difficulty to get back to employment for almost 1 year, I decided to pick up beads & sequins embroidery. I signed up for a class by Amoi2505 some time in April 2009. Before this, many of my friends has been persuaded me to learn beads & sequins embroidery so that I could generate some income from beading. Although I'm a bit hesitate at early stage, but later I found that I'm falling in love again - this time with beads & sequins !

The 20 techniques I learnt from my beads embroidery class.

My 1st beads embroidery wuz pyramid design on my old orangy baju kurung. I wanted to mix orange and turquoise beads for this design. But I couldn't find the right turqoise beads, so I opt for dark brown & orange combination instead. For this simple design, it took me MONTHS to complete juz for both hands. Ha.. ha.. ha.. it's not bcoz I'm slow but I could not find time to complete it after I get back to working life. BTW, I finally get a job a month after my beads embroidery class.

My 1st ever creations - combination of orange & brown pyramid design

So far other than this pyramid designs, I have been working on 2-3 other projects and will show it here, later...

lotsa love from me,

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